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Accelerating Results

Once you have a plan of action up and running it is about taking things onwards to get results. This involves -

  • Fine tuning your nutrition routine to remove cravings, optimize energy and maximize body fat losses.
  • Putting in the necessary exercise sessions to stimulate your body to change.
  • Resolving conflicts in behaviour patterns.
  • Increasing focus and motivation

With the plan of action started, the key then is to then ensure it gives you results going forwards. Anyone can stick to a plan for a few days but most people's goals will be truly realised after a few months of consistent training and eating.

During the acceleration phase the emphasis is on modifying the plan of action to both give results going forward and in a way that is sustainable. Factors to address include -

Nutrition Refinements

The standard approach most people take to getting results is - Pick a random diet, hope it works and then hold on tight until you cave in to the pressures of the real world. This approach is doomed to failure.

Whatever diet plan you are following the key to its success comes from making minor modifications so that you can resolve food cravings, optimize energy production, provide adequate levels of taste and more.

Without these subtle adjustments of your diet you really will struggle to get results. The body will tell you all you need to know about how and what to change within your food. The key is learning to listen to it.

Exercise Refinement

With an exercise routine up and running you must then look to build upon your sessions week to week, month to month. As you train more the body gets fitter, stronger and more energized. It is important you adapt the exercise to continue to match these new found levels.

The key to exercise is getting it done. To do this you must learn how to enjoy it (anyone can learn to enjoy exercise) and you must set up a plan of action for being able to exercise when in periods of stress and when life is hectic. Your exercise plan for periods of stress and more relaxed periods should look and feel very different.

With these skills in hand you simply need to exercise against a back drop of good nutrition. This gives you the results you are looking for.

Behavioural Resolution

In the short term you can use willpower to override the pain and resentment of doing certain behaviours. As you enter the acceleration phase if these issues are removed you will feel highly motivated and be striding towards your goals. Failure to address behaviour conflicts can bring to an end your attempt to get in shape.

It is important to understand there is no such thing as a bad behaviour. There is simply the results of any behaviour that you choose to do. If you want to drink and eat pizza every single night then that is fine, but if you also want to have an amazing body the two may run into conflict. The key is to change in a way that protects both the benefits of the "bad" behaviour and provides a more effective route going forwards. I discuss much of this in my book Change Your Thinking, change Your Shape.

The Consistency of Simplicity

What catches many people out in the acceleration of results is just how simple yet unspectacular getting results truly can be. It is not about some crazy diet, frantic exercise sessions or battling massive hunger issues. It is simply about eating what you need and moving the body each and every day for a prolonged period of time. The saying "Greatness is doing the small things day after day after day " has never been more appropriate.


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