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Starting Your Body Transformation Plan

Getting into shape is a process and a journey. To this end it must start somewhere and NOW is always the best time to begin regardless of what is going on or what has passed before.

Any good body transformation plan will have an effective diet and exercise strategy. How this will look will vary massively between any two people. It relates to your background and personal circumstances. Some of the different start out scenario's include -

  • First time ever exercisers
  • First time nutrition plan followers
  • Post injury
  • Post natal
  • Following a "laziness/busy-ness" break of months to years
  • Following a "stressful event" break of months to years

How To Start

Free Start

So many people complain and hide behind money as an excuse why they cannot begin or achieve their results. Reality is there a hundred things you can do that do not cost a penny. My Body Transformation Guide brings many of these things together to kick start your journey (get it by putting your email in the box to the right). You will also receive my weekly newsletter which also helps you with nutrition, exercise and motivation.

Strategy Start

When you are ready to kick things off most people go down the route of a strategy start. This means using certain methods in terms of your diet and/or exercise routines (strategies). Put another way, you start a diet or exercise plan. There are pro's and con's for this, the better your nutrition and exercise strategy the better idea it is to start this way. However, many to most would do better with a motivation start.

Motivation Start

Most people start off by picking a diet or exercise routine and giving it a go. The success rate of this approach is horrendously low with most people failing and relapsing into their old methods very soon. It is sometimes more prudent to not start by going head first into a diet or exercise routine but instead, to start looking at the motivations and behaviour patterns underneath your goal. I proposed this method in my book Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape. When working with clients I use both of these approaches based as appropriate for the client involved.

Soft Start

It is important to remember you do not always have to start things off at 100 miles per hour and for some the more subtle approach is better suited. Results will come when you consistently change and do enough of the right behaviours. These do not need to be overhauled overnight and thus the soft start is more suited to certain people. Join my weekly newsletter to aid in this process.

A Focused Effort Start

For some they want to get things going with a gesture of effort. For this they may try a 1-4 week elimination of sorts, a few day juice detox or going to the gym daily for 2 weeks. Certain people respond better to this. As with the soft start results come from how many behaviours you consistently do long term. But this method can be excellent for breaking old behaviour patterns


The time to start is NOW! The simplest thing to do is get a copy of your body transformation guide. Read this, follow the steps in it!




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