There are many elements to healthy eating but most people miss out on one of the biggest keys. In general when someone tries to be healthy they look to :

– Eat less junk foods

– Eat more Healthy Foods
– Get more vitamins & Minerals
– Cut Down on Bad Behaviours

This is all well however it is missing one element that really affects your metabolism and health. That is; eating enough food.
The body goes crazy if you maximise your calorie intake on a healthy diet. When your body gets a high calorie healthy diet your metabolism increases, recovery is enhanced, body temperature rises, hormones increase, sex drive becomes stronger. You will also feel happier, more focused and enjoy greater energy levels throughout the day.

Why So Few Have Experienced The Above Feeling

I am sure the above sounds great…. “Sign Me Up!!”. In truth very few people ever really experience the above.  This comes down to three main things –

-I Want To Lose Fat/Weight – There is a fallacy that one nutrition plan can maximise everything about your body. If you want to lose fat you cannot maximise metabolism. If you want to maximise metabolism you cannot lose weight. For most people who want to lose weight they would not be happy with putting all this effort in and feeling health benefits without a corresponding change in mirror.

They Crash & Burn on A Healthy Diet – Many people follow a healthy diet well but the high volume, low calorie foods results in them eating way too little food. They then get food cravings and end up eating ‘bad’ junk and sensitive foods etc to fulfil their calorie needs. Thus they fall off the maximised health plan through the “bad” foods.

Eating A Lot Of Healthy Food is HARD Work – Finally, if you do get on board with this approach you will soon see that eating to your upper limit of calories while not sacrificing on a food plan means you spend a lot of time eating and have to eat when not hungry to get to these limits. There are ways to make it easier of course but I have always said it is harder to eat a lot of good food than to under eat to lose weight.


I want The Best Of Both Worlds – Tell Me How!!… NOW! 🙂
If you do not want to lose body fat then you need to think up your healthiest diet plan possible (or get one off me) and then add 50% of food to that plan, e.g. so you have 3 healthy meals planned out. Add 50% so you are having 4 and half meals a day (4 and a snack). This will put you in a ball park of what you should eat.

If you want to lose fat then you have two choices. One, get to you goal and then come back to address this issue. Sounds great but how many people get to their goal??? Alternatively and ideally plan out and switch between periods of losing body fat and maximising health, e.g. three weeks fat loss, two week health maximise and repeat.


Need Support Getting In Shape?

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