Frequently Asked Questions – London

Click the section below for answers to questions on personal training in London or using my services as a Nutritionist London Zones 1 -2.

Personal Training –

  • What happens when it rains?

It depends where you are training. Some locations you stay dry even in the most torrential rains while other locations have no cover so we get wet :). Obviously if training at home there is no issue.

Though no one believes me when I say it, you do not get that much rain in London. On a typical “wet” day it actually only rains for a few hours throughout the entire day. Despite training clients all winter it is only a handful of sessions that I would say were a complete washout.

  • What happens when it is cold?

Cold is not an issue, you will soon be warm after a few minutes. Obviously in cold weather it is wise to turn up in layered warm clothing. Wear hats and gloves with a few layers. I have had Brazilian and Egyptian clients train in -5c before so I’m sure you can handle it. I also continued as normal in the snow. It was fun!!

  • What happens when it is dark?

Most places are much more lit than you would think so have never had any problems with the dark.

  • Does Everyone Get Results?

Pretty much yes, right now 90% of clients get good results, the other 10% are people who sign up then disappear and do not turn up regularly thereafter. Why would someone do that? You tell me!! So anyone who turns up weekly gets great results. As you may have seen elsewhere on the site I personally do not judge it on results achieved while with me but more on results maintained 1/2/3 years after finishing with me. This is continuing to get better and better.

  • What If I have Injuries?

I am pretty good at injury rehab and managing injuries. I have previously worked in a gym that focused on exercise & rehabilitation with disabled people and stroke victims. I have had experience with almost every injury type from fractured pelvis, slipped discs, knee, hip surgery rehab, shoulder dislocations, whiplash and much more.

  • I am SO unfit, how will I cope?

Relax, we do a fitness appraisal early on so the exercise is enough to get you fitter and move forwards without being too much of a stress. For some this is a very light workout, for more experienced exercisers not so much. Either way it is about being at your level. Remember, I am not an army trainer who shouts and barracks orders until you drop. If this is what you are looking for there are plenty of trainers like that.

  • What happens in a sample session?

The sample session is just a chance to get a feel of what it is all about. Either we meet in a park to do some fitness and go through your goals etc or we sit down somewhere to discuss the process.

There are no sales pitches or similar, not my style. A simple look into your goals, what would get these results and how it could work with me. If you want to work with me at some point down the line then great stuff, if not then you will have at least gained from the look into your goals.

  • Why do you do a sample session, what is the catch?

There is no catch!!..why so sceptical!!? 🙂 A sample session gives us a chance to get to know each other and see if we would fit working together. It is also open to those who defiantly know they cannot train with me afterwards.

I have been doing this for 10 years plus, I know from history that around a third of those I meet will go on to train with me at some point in the future while the rest will not. No need for sales pitches. I consider it the first step towards you achieving your goals. Whether those other steps are with me or not is no where near as important as ensuring you get to the goal someway or another.

  • Can I train with a partner?

Possibly, it depends on the levels of fitness, if you are both similar then it should work. If greatly different then probably not. Contact me to speak more about it.

  • Can I do the exercise without the nutrition part?

No, unless you are training solely for injury rehab or sports performance then nutrition is integral to goal success. Even in these situations food will most likely play a large roll.

Nutrition –

  • Where do we meet?

Any cafe or similar near a tube/train station in London zones 1 or 2. Please see this map for more information on stations zone 1 & 2.

  • Will I have to be 100% strict with the diet?

Yes and no, the long term plan definitely not, the short term ideally yes. The medium term depends really. When most people ask that question they are comprehending how long they can stick to the diet feeling hungry with no enjoyable foods in the plan. This plan is in place when both the hunger and taste elements are satisfied. There is of course a little transition period where your body resets some of its thresholds. Either way it is interesting t know what you are thinking when you ask that question??.

  • Can I still drink / eat xxxx etc??

Yes, there is rarely a need to cut everything out totally. While you may need to compromise in another area, or even use a different yet equal food to the one eliminated you will be able to still hold on to most things you want/need to.

  • I am vegetarian, is this a problem?

Not a problem. We will work around it.

  • I do not want to give up my xxxx

Then don’t, put everything else in place but this one behaviour and let’s see how far that takes you. Normally quite far!!

  • Do I have to cook food on the plan? I am too busy to cook?

No, this is practical nutrition. The goal is to take the structure we have and make the best out of the confines of facilities, time etc. Then review how far it takes you. At this point people are ready to make other changes that they never could have comprehended at the beginning. It is a journey getting into shape and you cannot implement every “good” aspect of nutrition overnight. But if you can prepare all your own meals then this is a great advantage.

  • I am not sure if I am motivated enough to do it?

If nutrition all gets too much or you can’t closely stick to it then this service is not right for you at this current stage. Yes you need to put a diet in place at some point but no it doesn’t have to be the number one thing to do. I talk of this in my book and the difference between a motivation start (mind first) and a strategy start (nutrition first).

  • Why do you say that not everyone should do the nutrition?

Because most people are awful at sticking to a diet. So why waste money for something you will not stick to. Reading my book would be a better step.

  • Do I need to count calories?

Depends. In general no, but often it is good to do for the occasional day. It depends where you are coming from knowledge wise and the kind of person you are. For guys looking to be single digit body fat and gain muscle then it is a strategy that needs to be used in most cases. Likewise, if body fat losses have stalled it is another area to look into.

  • Will I be hungry?

NO! When you have it right, hunger and cravings are dramatically reduced or eliminated.

  • Does it include fasting / detoxes etc?

In general no, these are further strategy techniques. They have a use but on the first step of a nutrition plan they are not normally used.

  • What about further tests such as hormone, hair etc?

These are only available to clients after they have put in place their nutrition.


For further questions simply contact me. More on my general approach can be found by reading about my philosophies.

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