I started another one of my experiments today, this time a water fast. The rules are simple enough, drink only water and eat no food for five days. I am not sure how it will go but thought it would be fun to do it. I am not trying to achieve anything from it except to experience the process.

I like the principles behind fasting and use with many clients. This may come in the form of not eating during a certain part of the day, using very low food intake days like with the 5 & 2 methodology or have clients kick start their plans with juice fasts and similar. There are no rights or wrongs in the behavioural psychology game needed to get in shape hence many of my clients do not do any form of fasting.

For this experiment I am interested to see how the body feels when it enters ketosis. When I did the super low carb fat loss experiment previously life got really tough as body transitioned over to not using carbohydrates as an energy burning source. It was not helped in my movements levels which should be a much less now.

However, I have 6-7 clients Wednesday so movement will be high at the worst point of it. Thursday / Friday schedule seems more manageable though I do have samba rehearsals both nights.

I am also interested in the spiritual side of fasting. It is part of most religions and I remember when I was getting down to 4% fat for the fitness model shows previously how the dieting really brought you to “living in the Now” where you focused on your next meal and not much else.

As with my all my experiments over the years from the Mc Donalds Fat Loss Diet to the Sugar Only one I will stop if I feel the body is under too much stress. To keep up with my progress on the water fast then connect on any social media at benwilsonuk.- ( Facebook / Insta / You Tube / Snap etc).