Everyone wants a new plan when they contact me… Just tell me what to eat or what to do exercise wise and I will do it! This is all well and good but I am not overly interested in speaking to the you who asks me this, rather, I want to speak to the other you.

The you who doesn’t care about exercise, the you who will eat every bit of food going and that same you who just wants to sit and do nothing all day. It is that version of yourself who determines results. Sadly, that person rarely picks up the phone to contact me up so it is a delicate balancing act between pleasing the two sides of your character.

After “what should I Do?” the next most common question is “What Do You Do Ben?”. I can show you my plan as in the photo below but it isn’t a good plan for you to follow. Maybe one side of you would do well on it. What about the other?

A good plan of action for is about developing the ‘bad’ you while also allowing the “good” version of yourself to follow a plan. This is done by using different approaches and training focuses which are often far away from that ideal plan.

The aim is to develop aspects of your “bad” self so that in time to come the gap has narrowed and even your bad self can at least break even instead of descending into an abyss of despair and lethargy.

The final element of balancing the two sides of your personality is learning how to move easily and quickly from the “lazy” you to ‘active you’. The quicker this happens the better. For some people though the active you is persona way in the past who needs to be brought out.

But for this to happen do not try to copy me nor anyone else. I showed you my plan to get to 4% Body Fat last week. The question is not about the plan but who is the person following it? I did 367 exercise sessions in a year, I went 5 days eating zero calories … I am weird!! 🙂  Do you need to be like this? Not at all…. but you do need both sides of you to be able to follow your plan. Until that point do not copy plans of other people who can stick to it.

If both sides of your personality are looking for support (I know one side needs it) then I can help you here in London face to face or anywhere online.