I would say over 50% of people fail before they even have started because of the very first decision they make in January. It all comes back to timescales. When I meet someone I am can usually tell them pretty much exactly how long it will take for them to get to their goals (message me if you want me to work out yours).

This is because the body has a set speed at which it can lose body fat and there is literally no way round it. No supplements, no drugs, no magic diets, no special exercise routine. Heck, even when I did 0 calories (on 23000 steps/day) for 5 days I couldn’t get past this speed of fat loss. It is of no surprise, this controlled speed is an inherent protection mechanism within the body against famine and starvation.

So why is this important?

When you embark on your new routine you have a choice. You must decide what type of plan you follow. Should you go all out on a hard core plan? Should it be slow and steady? What areas should I address with my plan?

Almost everyone’s starts the year with high hopes and a crazy difficult plan to follow. The result is your New Year’s Diet barely gets you past the 2-4 week mark. Your exercise routine dies out by mid Feb.

For the average person it takes 3-6 months to achieve their goal. Almost no one will there in less than four weeks. This therefore means there is no surprise when the inevitable failure comes each year on your hard core plan. You need to ensure your plan can be followed for the duration needed to get to your goal.

How long can you follow your plan for?

There are many ways to develop the sustainability of a plan. This includes the type of plan you are on, how much food you eat, how much exercise you do, the, times of the day you eat, your macro ratios, the type of exercise you focus on, your overall taste and how you handle being on vs off the plan.

More important than the plan, is developing the person who is following it (e.g. you). There are some key things you can do that will make you better at adhering to any plan. This looks at your neural connections, thinking patterns and behavioural responses.

Too often you think “you are who you are”, which ignores how you have changed over the years, how you grow as a person. For a significant change in your outer body there has to be a change in “who you are” in the area of health and fitness. It is much easier to achieve than you think but it is a different approach to how most people take on their New Year Challenge.


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