What if your search for a flat stomach wasn’t an issue of weight / body fat?? This is a question not many ask but I have had three clients this week need to reevaluate what they must do to get to their goal and it was not about losing more weight.

As a trainer I see the full cross section of body types. Some people are looking to lose a lot of weight while others already are happy with their body but want to take it to the next level. If you are fairly close to your goal, say within 10 kg (1 1/2 stone) then your quest for a flat stomach may not be about losing fat. It may be an issue of stomach conditioning/tightening. Even If your goal is more than this then with the same conditioning methods you can still fast forward by 1-2 months of weight loss progress.

The general rule of thumb is to stand upright then see how you look…. Then suck your stomach in and compare. While in this position you can one, see if that actually takes you to your goal and and two see how much of your stomach area is related to the fat you can grab.

The problem you may find is that when doing this is the difference between your two poses is not huge. This is because you haven’t worked on your stomach conditioning to be able to really tighten the midsection. It takes about 5-10 minutes to do the process and the change is huge as you can see.

To get this to hold without thinking and when you roll out of bed in the morning it can usually be achieved within a few weeks of doing a daily 5- 10 minute tightening routine. The only problem with this process is your stomach is affected by a few factors, including, being bloated, your posture, your body fat levels, stomach conditioning / tightness and more. So you have to sometimes get past these first.

Now It Is Your Turn TO DO IT!

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