The last couple of day’s I have spoken to a few clients about the power of motivation towards your goals. Most people do not actually have that much motivation towards their goal. The majority of people have plenty of motivation when they start about getting away from where they are now. However, as they move away from this place when they progress they do not have that much emotional firepower to take them to the end goal.

It is for this reason most people get stuck half way or similar and very often regress to where they started from. To be motivated to go forwards there has to be a significant change mentally and emotionally between where you are now to where you want to get to. If there is not, then you will always struggle to find that emotional feeling to drive you forwards.  With this in mind there are certain things you can do to increase your motivation for your goal. This can include –

Choosing Your End Clothes At The Beginning – If you could pick out your very end clothes item when you start on day 1 and include that in regular re-measurements it begins to create a long term motivational focus. – What Item of clothing would this be?

Identify The Significance of Your Goal Result – For many people, as you progress you get thoughts that demotivate you such as “It doesn’t matter”… “who cares what shape I am in?”. There is some truth and some falsity to these statements. Regardless of this, a powerful position to take is looking at what achieving your goal means. A goal may carry a significance way beyond what the actual physical change may be. For this reason many people rank a major body transformation as one of the their greatest achievements. –What would success mean to you?

Link The Change In Your Body With More Important Areas of Your Life – The reality is that health and fitness for most people is not top of their priority list. For it to win time against other commitments it is best done by linking success in this area to your main goals in life. For example, If work is your major focus you need to find the evidence that this area improves your work results. If you simply want to be happy in life then you need to see how success in health and fitness directly impacts happiness. The same applies to other areas you may prioritise from being a parent to relationships. – How Do Your Health & Fitness Goals Impact Other Areas of Your life?

Spend Time With People Who Are More Motivated To Your Goal – If short of motivation then spend some time in the prescience of people who care more about success with their health and fitness. It will inevitably rub off on you. The more people influence you the more motivated you will become without trying. – Who Do You Know Who Is More Motivated Than You?

Find The Pain Today – Most people get stuck halfway on a goal because there is no pain to drive them forwards from the half way point and little pleasure to them on wards. You can search inside for the pain that not being at your goal is producing in your life today and the effect of staying exactly where you are now would have in the future. – How Is Your Current State Hurting You?

Quash The Negative – For all the talk of building the positive image of the future we need to also look into negative thoughts that will stop you moving forwards. There could be a host of thoughts about succeeding that may demotivate you. From things like ‘I will have to do this horrible exercise for life”, “life will be boring” to ” it is so much harder to maintain when I get there”. It may also be on a deeper level such as “I would have no excuse to keep on hiding in life”. These thoughts should be identified and challenged. – What Thoughts of The Future Demotivate You?

How Do I Use This??

One, some or all of these methods in combination should raise your motivational game. So how do you apply this to the real world. You literally need to spend sometime thinking about each one. Use the questions as a starting point. This could be done before every exercise workout, when you measure progress, before you go to bed or it could be done by chatting to a friend about it. Either way, you will need to divert some brain attention to evoke the emotions initially then repeat this a good few times for it to be embodied. Find Your

Vision and Emotion

Remember the goal behind this is to create motivation to move forward. To do this you need a visual focus on your goal (You can picture it) and when you do it should evoke emotions that drive you forwards by taking action to get results.


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