When it comes to food sensitivities the whole area is a bit of a mess. There are five types of “Food Sensitivity”. You can test for four out of the five but due to their mechanisms you need a different test for each one. This makes it complicated.

Perhaps the most difficult element to this issue is the speed a food can affect your body. Reactions can display themselves from seconds to hours after eating in some cases but in other cases (Type 3&4 reactions) no symptom will show itself for up to 48 hours later. The negative reaction can also last from minutes to weeks.

Food sensitivities can be permanent and stay with you for life or transient that come and go based on the state of your body e.g. studies have shown that low blood sugar increases food sensitivity prevalence. They can also be related to quantity consumed recently in your life, e.g. I remember pineapples started annoying my body after I was eating one a day when living in Brazil…

So outside of running a battery of tests how else can you see what food agitate you?Simply download the Food Sensitivity Check List


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