When it comes to anything Health & Fitness my goal is to help you achieve your goals. In trying to make progress it is natural for you to ask what plan should you be following? I am annoying if you ask me that because I tell the truth. You want a simple answer yet I know there is not one. I have seen and had people on completely opposite plans both get results. Also, for me any ABC of what to do in a plan is way behind the behaviour/ mind aspects to change who you are around food & exercise.

IF looking for a plan though, they are easy to find. To prove my point I created a simple yet effective Vegan and Keto plan (exact diet opposites) in just 15 minutes looking on google. They are nice plans.

Sources – Keto  – My Low Carb Experience>>, Dairy Free Keto Guide>>, Bodybuilding Keto Diet>>

– Vegan –  7 Day Vegan Guide>>, Weekly Vegan Meal Plan>>>


Which Plan Should I Follow?

In reality you will probably struggle to stick to and/or get results off either of these diet plans. This is because they are toward a more extreme end of the food spectrum – v.low carbs (keto) or high carbs (vegan) and statistically your body probably is not.

Even if your body was suited to them it is not  plans that get results, it is YOU who will get the results. Your results will come from how well you stick to a plan (whatever one that may be). Change comes from how motivated you are, by how you handle mistakes, recover from setbacks and much more.

This is where I come into play because everything gets easier when you work with someone. Your motivation improves, your knowledge becomes clearer, you handle setbacks better and you get results. The plan, this is a tiny part of the overall process.

If looking for support then I coach people in London face to face or online.