Happy New Year! I had a relaxed Christmas and super quiet New Year’s Eve. I have been to many of the major New Year celebrations around the world – Rio, Sydney, Hong Kong and London. I have also been in Belize and Cuzco to welcome in the New Year. So I feel content in retiring from NYE celebrations.

As 2018 begins everyone seems to be slagging off New Year Resolutions and New Year efforts more than I have ever seen before. This annoys me, every January I have excitement for what could lie ahead. I have excitement for the potential of what you could achieve. I feel a New Year Resolution is as good a place as any to make a start.

Most of the cynical people are bitter because they personally fail and never make a change. They think you will be the same. But I have too seen too many ‘lost causes’ turn their health and fitness around to be negative like that.

The main criticism is that we make a commitment in January and by February we have already given up on it. This is looking at it the wrong way. For starters every year more people transform their body, health and fitness because of January than any other date.

If you have a goal then at some point you have to make a move towards achieving it. If you don’t use the New Year as your moment of kick start then when will it be? For some it is after a birthday or a change in life circumstances. However, for most, it is when they reach crisis point.

I usually get the phone call when your clothes no longer fit, when you are too self-conscious to be on a beach, when your back goes playing with the kids or when you get completely out of breath from some simple movements. You do not have to reach rock bottom to take action. You can decide to make a change whenever you are ready. January 2018 is as good a date as any to decide that now is the time.


Take a moment to think about :

If we went one year ahead to January 2019, what would need to have changed / happened for you to bursting with pride and excitement about changes to your body, health or fitness?

What would represent something spectacular?

On the other side of the coin, how would you feel in January 2019 if your health, fitness or body regressed and was in a much worse state than you are in now?

The difference between the two is simply action….


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To Your Success

Ben Wilson

​Personal Trainer Battersea – London

Author – Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape