Online Body Transformation Coaching

When working one on one I combine nutrition, exercise and motivational techniques to transform your mind and body so that you look and feel amazing. The success comes not so much from the plans but more the power of working with a coach as you have someone to ensure you actually do the behaviours needed for success.

I have been helping people get in shape since 2002 and online since 2006. I love helping people get in shape and transform their health & fitness. The video below discusses more about how online personal training can help you.

***** I am about ready to launch my 2018 online personal training… in the meantime contact me>> if you have any questions ****


My personal training service combines nutrition, exercise, postural correction and behaviour change techniques to ensure you get fantastic results. Download my Body Transformation Guide to understand how these techniques are all brought together to ensure results.
The best way to understand how I help people get into amazing shape is to contact me for your Free sample session. Call Ben on 07915 397 703 or email me at
Watch me being interviewed on the BBC 1 Breakfast show discussing milk and the plans to stop milk for under 5 years old’s.