Today I was having one of my core conversations with a fairly new client. It was about taste, which is one of the most overlooked elements of any nutrition plan. In an effort to eat “clean” or measure food intake people think they can bypass the importance of taste.

However, any long term plan will only be sustained if taste is high enough. I am always surveying my clients to see how much taste is in their current diet, I simply ask “on a 0-10 scale how much taste is there in your overall diet plan?  (be this day or week or individual meal)

10 – Sensational 🙂 🙂 🙂

8 – Yummy

6 – Ok/ quite nice

4 – Not nice

2 – Horrible

0 – Disgusting – somebody shoots me

For me and my clients I would want at least a 7 / 10. Ideally an 8/10. This tells me that they can enjoy their meals enough to follow them. The other side of the coin is to ensure that same high taste plan allows you to achieve your body fat results. When you have both in balance you will be unstoppable 🙂

So how do You Raise the level of taste in Your diet? There are four main ways to do this.

Eat More of the Foods You Like – The simplest way to raise taste is to pick foods that you like eating. It sounds easy to do yet time and again in the name of health we do not choose the very foods that we like. So in this context you should look to choose healthy sensible foods that you actually like.

Eat Less Of The Foods You Do Not Like – The other side of the coin of picking healthy foods that you like is stopping healthy foods you do not overly like the taste of eating. There are no foods that  have to be eaten so dropping any particular foods that really don’t do it for you can change the taste of the meal.

Add Extra Elements Of Taste – For many the healthy plans are ok to eat but just a bit boring. To increase the taste you can make use of various taste adding options. This may include things like hummus, sauces and condiments. It may involves herbs and spices etc. The key to this is adding taste without dramatically changing the amount of food you have eaten.

Use “Bad” Foods / Off Days Etc – The final way people raise their overall taste of the plan is by adding in “bad” foods or taking off days. For some they are happy with their healthy diet and by adding a piece of chocolate each day this takes the taste level upwards. For others they prefer to take meals or days off to eat whatever foods they want. This allows them to increase the taste evaluation of the nutrition plan.



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