So I have completed three full days of my five day water fast and it has been a great experience. The rules are simple, no food and only water to drink!

The most common question i am getting is why the heck are you doing this?? I am doing it for fun!! 🙂 (Yes I know this sounds like torture not fun for most people).  I have learnt more from doing the numerous experiments I have done over the years than any book or course.

My open minded approach to helping people get results means I have a major advantage over other trainers who are locked in stone with the methods they use which normally just means the method that they like or works for them.

I have helped people get amazing body transformations with a vegan diet, a high protein paleo approach, six small meals a day but also one meal a day and fasting methods. I have used Hiit exercise plans and easy paced walking. The proof is in the end result and how you get there is a detail specific to you.

The driver of your results is the person following the plan not the plan the person is following. This is the premise of my book and my approach is to change the person first.

Anyhow, here are my current stats of the first three days

Day 1 – 0 Calories – 1 Litre Water        – 15300 steps – 1 Gym Session – 81 Kg

Day 2 – 0 Calories – 2.25 Litres Water – 21000 steps – 1 Gym Session – 81 Kg

Day 3 – 0 Calories – 3 Litres Water      – 24500 Steps – 1 Gym Session – 80.7 Kg

Hunger has been variable. I cannot say I have been starving but I am fairly used to not eating for periods of time. I have definitely noticed an increased awareness of food advertising and get flashes to food cravings such as Christmas or when I was living in Brazil. The hunger comes in small waves and goes. The pattern has been steady across the three days but fairly manageble.

The worst element has been temperature, I rarely feel cold but certainly have noticed the weather despite wearing many layers. I was feeling really cold during my 6am sessions where it was 8c. However, I could move to warm up. In the house I had more trouble so would just get in my bed to keep warm.

I had a few cold or allergy like symptoms – running nose, sneezing, watering eyes, mostly during the second day. I felt a little dizzy / light headed at times but nothing that made me worry about needing to stop the experiment.

My legs felt a little wobbly and weak during this time, especially when running in my sessions. However, the gym sessions I did in the evening I had good energy comparatively and put in a nice session each time. My weight at the gym was interesting in how it had barely gone down these three days. Looking in the mirror also I could see size wise I had not changed or lost anything.

So I got through the first three days then I woke up on day 4 perfectly and wow… I felt perfectly fine! No hunger… felt strong…. didn’t feel cold…. overnight the body seemed to have switched and felt completely different. I am on for a monster day of action – 30000+ steps (18 km movement). It could be that things fall apart but right now I feel strong! The literature did say this was going to happen but as ever you need to experience it believe it!

I wouldn’t advise trying this at home as there are numerous health issues that can arise. I am fairly battle hardened in doing these experiments from doing Ramadan and the alternative day fasting method and from cutting for fitness model shows.

I will let you know soon how the rest of the water fast goes. As ever, any questions reply to this or call/ text/ whats app – 07915 397 703. Alternatively connect on any social media at benwilsonuk ( Facebook / Insta / You Tube / Snap etc)

To Your Success

Ben Wilson

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