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Automating Your Results and Behaviours

The ultimate goal of a body transformation is to not only get the body you want but be able to maintain the body you want long term as part of living a happy and fulfilled life.

To maintain results you must adapt your behaviours into natural and automatic habits. Otherwise, you will be at the mercy of life's ups and downs. The key for this stage is to look at how everything fits into the deeper motivations of life. For long term results you need to -

  • Automatically want to eat the right foods for results
  • Be relaxed around food yet naturally strict enough for results.
  • Truly want to do exercise when feeling up or down.
  • Be able to control and handle stress without ruining your body.
  • Feel happy and be in control of your happiness.

All these elements and more can be created through using a mixture of strategies that range from pure stress handling techniques to more fundamental approaches to thinking and life.

Natural desire

Long term you can forget about battling against cravings or desires to constantly "healthily". While short term you can defiantly fight through any cravings etc long term you always return to your natural desires. If you prefer the feeling of sitting in front of the TV than moving your body then overtime you will return to a state of sitting more and moving less.

You can create a desire to do almost anything through tuning into the elements you naturally like more than others and by addressing compounding factors. For long term results you must naturally want to do the Behaviours that bring results.

Natural balance

While you need to naturally want to do the behaviours that bring results you must also be able to create a level of balance in your behaviours. Life will lead us astray, be it for a dinner, a weekend or a week away. The key is not restricting yourself during these periods but being able to successfully integrate it into a balanced plan that allows freedom while also obtaining results.

This is more than manageable when you know how yet it is also one of the weakest area in people who struggle to get results. They are never free enough to actually relax away from the plan and thus never committed enough to go 100% on the plan. Long term success depends on obtaining this balance.

The 10 Principles of Amazing Shape

I outlined in my book the 10 Principles of People in Amazing Shape. This looks at the key Behaviours patterns that separate people at one level of results from those at the level above. People in amazing shape think differently to their average and out of shape counterparts. The 10 principles shows you exactly what you need to do to get to the next level. The opposite of these principles is blocking beliefs. That is, individual or sets of beliefs that prevent you doing the necessary actions to get in shape. The idea is to collapse the latter while building the former. See my book - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape for more on this.

Behaviour Change Techniques

There are various ways to change or modify behaviour patterns and emotional states. Some of these are direct techniques such as tapping as seen in energy therapy while others are more subtle learning strategies brought about by simply discovering elements of the process or allowing a new thought to come in about an aspect of getting in shape.

Happiness, Success and Stress Approaches.

Long term your behaviours that produce the body you want must be linked into happiness, success and handling stress. Without this element in place you will allow your body to be linked to your stress and happiness levels which is risky business. Alternatively, you will allow your goals in other areas of life to override it.


The time to automate and cement your results is NOW! The simplest thing to do is get a copy of your body transformation guide. Read this, follow the steps in it!




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