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Principles of Nutrition

Milk – How it affects your body fat

Following on from my appearance on the BBC 1 Breakfast show where I gave the pro’s and con’s to milk. Read my personal views on how it affects your body fat.

Calories – Calorie counting and weight loss myths

This article was written after weight watchers decided to drop their points system. It discusses calories and the model of alorie cutting for weight loss.

The six types of hunger – Which ones affect you?

Most people think that hunger is hunger. On closer examination you will find that there are six types of hunger. It is very important for you to be aware which ones are affecting you because you will need to behave differently depending what is happening within the body. Read the article to find out more.

Blood Sugar testing

This simple measurement tool allows you to identify if you are letting an internal stressor such a low blood sugar affect your health. The article also discusses high blood sugar and diabetes and how blood sugar in general affects results.

Five “healthy” foods that make you fat

Many of the foods we view as healthy actually make you fat. This is the reason almost 7 in 10 people are overweight. Take a look at some of the most troublesome foods that are probably within your diet.

Food sensitivities type 1- 4 and the MRT Test

Food sensitivities spell disaster within the body. Type 4 sensitivities are both subtle and difficult to identify. Read the article for an overview of the main types of adverse food reactions within the body and to learn about how the MRT test aids identification of these.

Adrenal Stress Indicator test.

Stress causes havoc within the body. Stress comes from either an external source e.g. emotions, or from internal pathways, e.g. low blood sugar, parasites, food sensitivities. This combined stress causes havoc within the body

One way it does this is by fatiguing the adrenal glands from over stimulus. Take the adrenal stress indicator test to see how fatigued your body is at the moment.

Hair tissue mineral analysis.

Read about how using a hair analysis reveals what is happening within your body at tissue level and what this means for achieving results.

Adrenal fatigue and hormone profile test.

Learn about how adrenal fatigue and the steroid hormone pathway may hold the answer for why you cannot lose body fat. the article discusses how you can test both functions and the implications this may hold for your body

Metabolic assessment and liver function test.

Learn about how your liver can be tested to see if it is overloaded and also the other elements of digestive and oxidative stress that can be tested for in the metabolic assessment profile.

Gut function and mucosal barrier test.

Learn about how the importance of your digestive tract and how to support it. the article discusses the mucosal barrier test which gives you an insight into current guy health.

Food rotation.

In this article I outline how to ensure you have a certain level of variety within your diet. This is important as the body does not respond too well to eating the same food day in day out. In the article I explain a 2 day rotation system which will ensure you supply your body with a good mixture of nutrients.

Better and worse approach to nutrition.

In this article I outline the Better or worse attitude you should adopt if you want to enjoy achieving your health and fitness goals. this liberating approach is a must read for anyone who wants to achieve a health goal without feeling restricted.

Every diet explained!

In this article I outline the pros and cons of almost every major diet out there. Read this to understand why you see such contradiction in the advice given and which ones can be respected and which cannot.

Food intolerances

Eating foods your body is sensitive towards can cause havoc and prevent you achieving your goals. Read about this issue and how you can takes steps to preventing this becoming a block to your success.


Fats is the most mis understood area of nutrition. Read about the why conventional wisdom is far from the only view on fat.

How many good meals a week do you need for results.

How many meal must you get right every week to get results? The article discusses why it is more likely to be your breakfast rather than that meal out on a saturday that stops you getting results.

Signs that your nutritional needs have changed

Your nutritional needs can change and this must be accounted for if you want results. Read about how you can spot this.

Hunger – How to control it and why you need to.

What you should do if you suffer from being hungry much of the time.

I am never hungry – what this means for you and your health

what to do if you never really find yourself hungry.

Your body shape and it’s implications on weight loss

Learn about how your body shape has implications on how to attempt to lose weight.

Fat storage patterns and the effect on weight loss.

Where you store your fat has implications on your food cravings and how you should approach losing fat.

Sports supplements

All you need to know about the main two sports supplements – Protein shakes and creatine.


Learn about the whole issue of supplements and how they affect your body and what you should and shouldn’t be taking.

What is healthy food?

What is the definition of healthy food. You may be surprised to learn about how there is no such thing as a health food in its own right.

Food quality

Learn about the different issues affecting food quality.

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