Testing for results

It is very hard to make progress in any endeavour until you know where you are currently and what you need to fix to go forwards. Getting in great shape is no different to this. To make gains quickly you must identify what needs changing the most. As you may have seen in my video and article on 50 reasons you are not in shape what you think may be the reason for your lack of results may be not be the actual reason you are failing.

There are numerous tests you can use to get to the bottom of getting results. These range from looking at your mind to analyzing your level of stress within your hormonal system. The major testing options available to you are outlined below. To read more about these tests simply click on the title. To take any of these tests contact me.

Testing methods

The metabolic typing test

Look at some of the sample questions from the actual metabolic typing analysis. These questions are used to determine your exact nutritional needs.

The problems with the weighing scales

Look at some of the main problems of using the weighing scales to chart progress.

Alternatives to using the weighing scales

Look at some of the other methods you can use other than the weighing scales to chart progress.

Beliefs and mind analysis.

Learn more about the in depth beliefs analysis I use with my clients to identify weak areas and blocks in their mind set. Learn how the mind works in relation to achieving your health and fitness goals.

The Fitness Profile Test – Defining and measuring fitness.

Read about the fitness profile measurement system. This is a comprehensive exercise testing system that allows you to compare every aspect of fitness and form a complete impression of the body. Read the article to understand how and why this is needed and the different aspects of fitness.

Hair tissue mineral analysis.

Read about how using a hair analysis reveals what is happening within your body at tissue level and what this means for achieving results.

Adrenal fatigue and hormone profile test.

Learn about how adrenal fatigue and the steroid hormone pathway may hold the answer for why you cannot lose body fat. The article discusses how you can test both functions and the implications this may hold for your body

Metabolic assessment and liver function test.

Learn about how your liver can be tested to see if it is overloaded and also the other elements of digestive and oxidative stress that can be tested for in the metabolic assessment profile.

Gut function and mucosal barrier test.

Learn about how the importance of your digestive tract and how to support it. The article discusses the mucosal barrier test which gives you an insight into current gut health.

Blood Sugar testing

This simple measurement tool allows you to identify if you are letting an internal stressor such a low blood sugar affect your health. The article also discusses high blood sugar and diabetes and how blood sugar in general affects results.

Food sensitivities type 1- 4 and the MRT Test

Food sensitivities spell disaster within the body. Type 4 sensitivities are both subtle and difficult to identify. Read the article for an overview of the main types of adverse food reactions within the body and to learn about how the MRT test aids identification of these.

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