The Body Shape Formula

USe this formula to predict your body shape going forwards.

How Bad (Or Good) is my body? A Return To Common Sense!

Watch This Video to understand more about where you fit along the spectrum of results and how this relates to how you feel about your body. Become familiar with the 10% Rule of Results.

New Year Resolution Review

What to make of your progress or lack of progress 12 weeks after you made those resolutions.

My 300th weekly newsletter – 6 years of learning!

My 300th weekly newsletter was published recently which I started in October 2006. This article looks at the key things I have learnt about getting results from my 12 years in the industry.

The 3 Types of Weight Loss

Understand the different types of weight loss based on how your metabolism is functioning.

When to commit to Success

When should you commit to success? What does it mean to commit? 

50 reasons you are not in shape – A weight loss approach

Read about the numerous causal factors involved in losing fat. It is not a simple game of calories in versus calories out, it is much more complex than that. Use this document to begin identifying and resolving the true reasons why you are not in the shape you want to be.

Sunlight -Why traditional advice leaves your body deficient in Vitamin D

The sun and vitamin D has a large influence upon your health. Read the article to find out why conventional advice leaves your body deficient in Vitamin D and why this can cause havoc within your body.

Weight loss approach

How you should you attempt to lose weight, what strategies and areas should you cover. Read this article to find out.

Better and worse approach to nutrition.

In this article I outline the Better or worse attitude you should adopt if you want to enjoy achieving your health and fitness goals. this liberating approach is a must read for anyone who wants to achieve a health goal without feeling restricted

The clever and stupid ways to lose weight

Read about some of the better and worse ways to try and drop those pounds.

The clever and stupid ways to increase weight

Read about the most prudent ways to gain weight and which techniques will cause you more harm than good

My blue print for success as new coach of the Swedish national team

I have taken a role as the assistant coach to the Swedish national rugby team and director of fitness for the union. I have outlined my blue print for taking them from 38th in the world to the next rugby world cup.

New year resolution key considerations

What to consider when making your new years resolutions

What to ask yourself before your next weight loss plan?

What questions must you consider before your next attempt at losing weight?

Five immediate health measures to shape up

Follow these five simple habits to change your health today.

Keys to success

Read the crucial elements of success needed in any weight loss or health improvement plan.

Sleep yourself thin and healthy

Learn about how sleep and weight loss are related.

The failures of the One size fits all diet

Read about why no one diet works for any one person.

The world is getting bigger!

Why is the world getting bigger around the waist. Let me detail to you the main reasons and what can be done to prevent this.

How do you approach your health?

What approach do you use in optimizing your health

15 ways to avoid overeating this Christmas

Use these simple technique to avoid going crazy on the food this Christmas.

Low cost but high value gifts.

Read these simple gifts you can buy this Christmas which are easy on the wallet but high in value.

3 High Health Values That Make You Fat

Read about three “health values” which when raised within your body will make you fat and decrease your overall level of health.

3 Low Health Values That Make You Fat

Read about three “health values” which when are found to be low within your body will make you fat and decrease your overall level of health.

3 Behaviours doing less of That Will Make You Fat

Read about three behaviours which doing less of will help you get into shape and be in great health. These may not be the ones you expect to see.

3 Behaviours doing more of That Will Make You Fat

Read about three behaviours which doing more of will make you fat and decrease your overall level of health. These may not be the obvious ones you think.

Calories revisited-What is the missing link?

Read more about my experiments with calorie counting and the calories model.

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