It is 2020 and another year of hope, potential and promise is upon us. There are many sceptics when it comes to New Year resolutions but not me! Here is quote from my book on this issue…




“At some point in your life you will need to commit towards and succeed in achieving your health and fitness goals. Either you will achieve them at some point in your life or you will go through life having never achieved them. In general, the longer you wait to achieve your goals the harder it becomes. Once you have succeeded, maintaining results is easier than the process of achieving them. This principle is the same in any endeavour.
To build a business you must devote a portion of your life to growing it. If you have used the right structure in your growth then it will become self-sustaining after a while and require much less effort to maintain long term. Our retirement model is based on this same premise. You earn money early in your life through effort so you can create a passive income source, e.g. pension etc when you are older and thus do not have to work unless you choose to. 
The body requires you to put in some effort to get it to the level that it needs to be and then maintaining it is much easier. The time it takes to get there is very much dependent on what your body has done so far and its capabilities to adapt. In general, the younger you are the easier it is to fix. The older you are the more time that has passed in which the body can go wrong. This is from your actions as well as the natural cumulative effects of ageing. In regards to achieving your goal, you need to ask yourself a few questions:
Will I ever achieve my goal?
When will I achieve it?
What is stopping me achieving it?”
Extract From Chapter: “Principle 3 – Take Action Now Through The Power of Action Now, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape




Basically at some point you need to take action so why wouldn’t January 2020 be the perfect time to do it? 


The next element to consider when you are ready to take action is to make sure you are not going to just rehash another version of previous failed attempts. There is a way to get in shape that is not as hard as people make it out to be, there is also another way that makes it almost impossible to succeed. The majority of people do the former and it causes a lot of pain. I will get into this in future emails but for today consider these main questions –


Where is the taste? – If your food doesn’t have taste and emotional satisfaction then you may as well give up now. Your ultimate food goal should be to find taste in meals that are low in energy. 


Who else is around you? – Some research suggests 50% of your motivation is from your environment. This mostly means the people around you. You need to spend more time with the kind of individuals who will influence you to do better things.  


What are the Consequences of failure? – We are lazy creatures in general and usually only kick into action when we know something bad is about to happen if we don’t! You need to attune what not being successful would mean. Here lies one of your deepest sources of motivation. 


You should put some mental energy into answering and implementing the above questions. This will put you on the right foot to move forwards in 2020.



Photo – What seems my now annual London New Year Eve photo, this year I watched from behind Waterloo.





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