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Nutritionist City Of London

This service is for those that are looking to discover what nutrition routine will allow you to lose fat, develop muscle and increase energy.

It is ideal for self motivated people, for example, those that are already exercising and/or are able to follow diets effectively.

I am available for nutritionist consultations in the city and Bank areas.

How Does It Work?

To get to the bottom of your nutritional needs you will need to take the Metabolic Typing Test to begin. This 145 question analysis looks at your current physiology and from this we can find out what your body needs in regards to all aspects of nutrition.

Nutrition boils down to four foundational principles:

  • What to eat – This varies between people and thus completely contradicting diets work for different people e.g. paleo vs vegetarianism. The key is finding the diet that your body needs. The Metabolic Typing Test can be used for this.
  • How much to eat per meal – This is ratios of protein to carbs to fat. It is closely related to food cravings and overeating
  • How much to eat per day – This is normally resolved by your ratios above. This element determines your ability to lose fat, optimize health while maximising sports performance or muscle mass.
  • Certain Foods To Avoid – This links to sensitive foods, those that should be healthy but annoy your body causing you to store fat or health issues to worsen.

The Metabolic Typing Test

Contact me to receive a copy of the analysis to complete. The questions look at your current functioning and physiology. See example questions below -

From this we are able to determine what foods your body needs. As mentioned previously the reason there are such diet contradictions from one expert to the next is because people have varying nutritional needs. So there is no point wasting energy arguing over who is right, instead you need to find out what your body needs right now and eat accordingly, The test will tell us that and give us a colour coded plan along the spectrum of possible nutrition plans

The idea is to start and refine your nutrition plan so ultimately you can get to the place where you have achieved your goals and in a way that you can easily stick to it going forwards long term. You will develop the skills to be able to naturally want to eat well and in a way that it produces results while also allowing you to be truly free enough to eat any food you want.

To do this there are short term elimination plans to follow as well as long term meal plans.

Unlike most diet plans the key to success with this nutrition approach is not to get a plan, stick your head in the sand while on it then give up after suffering for a few weeks. They key is to start the plan, adapt the meals based off the results you are getting (good or bad). You will know when you have adjusted the plan to the correct end point because you will be free from hunger or cravings with great energy and your body will be losing fat/gaining muscle tone as desired. To help you with this there are various forms and tools as is necessary-

What Do I Receive?

After taking the initial Metabolic Typing Test you will get -

  • A Results Consultation - We will sit down for 45-75 minutes to discuss your results and what to do going forwards.
  • Metabolic Typing Report - Detailing how your body is functioning currently and therefore what foods you need to eat
  • Diet Plan - Colour coded showing how 370 foods will affect you
  • Meal Plans - Elimination and meal plans
  • Refinement Protocols - How to refine your meal ratio's and overall daily intake for results
  • Member area access - Video's backing up all of the information which you can watch thereafter in the future.
  • Follow up support - I am available for further questions post session if needed.

Logistics and Details

The key details are below. To get started email me or text me your email address so that I can send the you the Metabolic Typing Test.

Nutrition Location - I meet people to go through the results consultation in cafes or similar anywhere by a tube in London Zones 1 or 2. See a map here>>>

I am available to meet in the City of London and around Bank.

Common meet up locations also include London Bridge, Bank, Edgware Road, Hammersmith, Tottenham Court Road, Brixton and Canary Wharf amongst others.

Nutrition Times/Availability - Depends on location but generally from 6.30am until 9pm at night. Weekends I do occasional sessions.

Nutrition Consultation Duration - It depends on the person involved but ranges from 45 minutes to 75 minutes. If you have to leave by a certain time I am respectful of this of course. Everything is backed up by video so any topics can be reviewed once more in your own time.

Nutrition Results Timescale - Once you have received and completed the nutrition analysis (takes about an hour to do) it will be sent off to be processed. Within a couple of days we will have the results back and can meet up to go through the results.

Nutrition Costs - The analysis and results consultation costs £125

ME - Ben Wilson

A full biography can be found here. I started practicing as a Nutritionist back in 2006. Working with hundreds of clients I have since created a system of Practical Nutrition. This bridges the gap between extreme and unmanageable diets and the consistency needed to get results. With this as base I went on to study clinical nutrition techniques. This opens up a world of further and more in depth testing. To these I also studied detoxification strategies as well as advanced specific protocols.

As a practical Nutritionist I accept that you will not be perfect all of the time, that you will want to eat cake/drink or do a similar "bad" behaviour from time to time. My focus is on where to prioritize your efforts and how can you get results yet also lead a normal life. While you will have to make changes and compromises in many areas you will not have to cut everything out for the rest of time.

I view nutrition as a journey more than a protocol. You can only change so many things in any one go. To cement these behaviours as part of your routine also take time. At this point of your journey you can look to go to the next level of nutrition.

At the heart of my plans is linking your body and its reactions to what you are eating and doing health and fitness wise. Most diets fail because the body and plan are not in alignment, e.g. feel hungry on the diet, do not enjoy any of the foods etc.

In 2012 my book Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape came out which covers many of the aspects involved with balancing nutrition plans and finding the routine that works for you.

Take the Next Step

If you want to take things forward simply contact me to receive your copy of the Metabolic Typing Test. Once this has been completed and returned to me (takes about an hour to do) it will be sent off for analysis. Within a couple of days we will have the results back and can meet up.

To get going simply text me your email address or email me. To discuss further any aspects of your goals or nutrition etc then call me on 07915 397 703.

Check out the FAQ section for more questions about my services here in London.




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 Contact me -

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