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Asthma is a condition where the airways in the lungs become constricted. These constrictions occur acutely from triggers in the person’s environment. It affects over 5 millio

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n people in the UK alone and millions more worldwide. Click here to view the programme I used to end my need for using asthma sprays

Causes of asthma.

There are no official causes of asthma. Instead it is linked to numerous factors such as lifestyle, environmental toxins, hereditary etc. It is known that the actual symptoms of asthma are set off from certain triggers. These can vary over many things including animals, allergies, foods, dust, moulds e.g. damp, chemicals, emotions, temperature, exercise and more. The key is to discover and avoid the known triggers.

If you look at asthma from a holistic health view point you will see that this disease, like any other is merely a symptom of underlying imbalances within the body. It is caused by the body receiving inadequate nutrients (both physical, chemical and emotional) compared to its needs. The body begins to become inefficient within the cells, this results in the you developing sensitivities to certain things - your triggers which creates the symptoms of asthma.

The real cause of asthma therefore is not the triggers but the inadequate input of nutrients into the body. Something you have complete control over.


Treatment of asthma take three main forms in conventional medical methods. Sufferers may be given a reliever (usually blue spray) to dissipate any symptoms during periods of asthma. Preventers are another treatment method where a steroid is taken to reduce the cells sensitivity to the environmental triggers. The final conventional treatment is to discover and avoid known triggers.

If you take a holistic health view you should not try to treat the symptoms only, but instead look to discover what the body needs to be truly healthy. This is done by giving the body all the nutrients it needs and so allows true health to be attained.

To effectively do this you must use metabolic typing to find out your nutritional demands. The science of metabolic typing is the only system that can accurately find out exactly what you need to be healthy. With this you need to address any emotional aspects of the condition, this can be done through using emotional freedom technique. Exercise and certain environmental factors can also be undermining your health and so should also be considered.

How to proceed from here

Asthma is a problem you can address from the bottom up. If you are ready to take control of your health the place to start is here. My courses offer you everything you need to give your body the best chance to be healthy. It is at this point that improvements in asthma can occur.

I cannot offer any promises on how my programmes will help your specific condition because I seek only to help you give your body what it needs. I do know how it will affect you but know that since using this programme I have never used my asthma spray since. So I urge you to take control of your health and start today to change your body. I am so confident of my course I offer a full satisfaction money back guarantee. I am putting my money where my mouth is.

Check out my special report on asthma for more information or my lifestyle course aimed at giving you all the tools needed to give your body it’s best chance.


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