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Diabetes is a condition where the insulin production or efficiency in the body has been compromised. There are two main types of diabetes and an emerging third type. The disease has a genetic origin but is hugely dependent on lifestyle factors. It affects over 2.5 million people in the UK alone and millions more worldwide.

Types of diabetes.

Diabetes is typified by an inability to control blood sugar levels (glucose) It is associated with high resting blood sugar. The disease has been linked with an increased chance of heart disease and stroke. There are two main types of diabetes.

Type I - This is when the body is unable to produce insulin because the insulin producing cells have been destroyed. The causes remain unclear but the condition usually develops in childhood. It can also occur from poor management of type II diabetes.

Type II - This is caused by the body producing faulty and inefficient insulin. Known as insulin resistance the body can still produce some insulin but not all of it can be used and thus the blood sugar levels are not controlled as optimally as they should. This condition is correlated to a large number of factors which include obesity, ethnic group (Asian and afro Caribbean's are five times more susceptible than whites), activity level, family history and age.

Type III - This new type of diabetes is when the type I diabetic who injects insulin begins to develop insulin resistance as in type II diabetes. It is linked to poor control of lifestyle factors while living with the condition.


Though there may be a genetic origin, type II diabetes, which is the most prevalent form, (80% of sufferers) is almost exclusively linked to lifestyle factors and thus under the control of your actions.


Type I diabetes is treated with insulin injections and by following the recommendations of a healthy lifestyle. Type II diabetes is addressed through living a healthy lifestyle. The failure to control diabetes in the population at large is because of serious failings of the healthy diet and the lifestyle recommendations being too narrow.

There is no such thing as any one healthy diet. We are each unique and thus have greatly different nutritional recommendation The only way to do discover your true nutritional needs is through metabolic typing, the science of personal nutrition.

In combination to eating a metabolically correct diet you must also perform regular exercise. Aerobic exercise increases insulin sensitivity and thus aids your condition. Weight training, stretching and core exercises all aid weight loss and general health. To truly get the benefits from exercise you need to apply the science of Periodization, this is the theory of how to vary your training from week to week and month to month. It is the only way to get long term results and avoid boredom and de motivation.

The underlying mental issues and psychology also needs to be examined to be truly free of this or any other disease. We all carry around emotional blocks and issues which in many cases can be the cause of physical problems or act in the way of preventing us achieving what we want. Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a very powerful method to remove these issues.

How to proceed from here

Diabetes is a disease that you have complete control over. It is essential if you are keen to control it to discover and follow your metabolic type recommendations, apply periodzation to exercise and use EFT to resolve all emotional aspects undermining your health and lifestyle.

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