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Five instant measures to start losing weight.

If you want to start getting some results today then start by putting in place these five simple yet effective techniques.

1) Rotate your foods

As creatures of habit we love to stick to the same foods over and over. The problem is the body hates this! Eating the same foods increases the likelihood of becoming sensitive towards one of them. Eating a sensitive food is one of the fastest way to get out of shape.

This issue is compounded by the same foods nutritionally appearing as different foods. For example wheat appears at breakfast in most cereals, for lunch as bread and for dinner as pasta. It also comes in many other foods. The result is your three different meals may actually be the same nutritionally for your body. The same applies to dairy, e.g. milk, cheese, cream, yogurt.

The simplest way to avoid this is to just shake up what you are eating and start rotating your meals so that they are different. So change a normal meal for something else a few times a week. (It does not matter so much as to what your change your foods towards as any change may be productive).

2) Have protein, carbohydrate and fat at each meal.

A key to metabolic typing is effectively utilizing the energy from foods at cellular level. To do this you must consume protein, carbohydrates and fat at each meal. The type of each of these or the amount is unique to your metabolic type so I cannot give precise recommendations without knowing this but if you are missing one of the three then you know you do not have everything in place. Try to tune into your body. If you feel hungry within an hour of eating or notice a drop in energy you have miscalculated one of your portions of protein, carbs or fat.

3) Move your body - (Jogging / Walking etc)

Get the body moving. No excuses, just do something. If you have just 5 minutes then fine, move for 5 minutes. If 10, then move for 10. If over 20 minutes are free then just work harder within that time frame (rather than increasing duration over it). Walk, jog, cycle is not so important. Just work so you are breathing more deeply than normal.

4) Avoid the foods you crave

So many of the people I work with tell me how they follow their food cravings as they feel the body must know what it needs. This is true to a point, but sadly the worse your diet is, the less accurate your cravings become. If your metabolic type is one that requires more protein and fat and less carbohydrate and you are eating a typical modern day diet your cravings for bread, porridge and the like are a signal that you are not receiving enough protein and fat. To listen to your body would be lunacy and a sure fire way to bad health and storing body fat.

If you love a food or crave it then Stop eating it! Simply replace with any other food than the ones you crave. In my experience there is a direct link between how bad a food is on your body and how much you crave it.

5) Examine your eating habits

This is not a short term weight loss tip but a longer term one (or in other words the only one that counts). Many people eat a 'healthy' diet. It is obvious to me and every client I have worked with that what is conventionally healthy for some may be very unhealthy for others. Examine your diet to see if you are following your plan. If you are not sticking to it then why not? If you are, but are not getting results then maybe this plan is not right for you

If these tips are getting you thinking about how you can effectively lose weight or get healthy. I would suggest you look at my on line course or if feasible with location personal training in london.

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