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Low cost but high value gifts for Christmas.

Sponsor an animal.

What better way to spend your money than by helping an endangered species. The Aspinall Foundation works in conjunction with Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks to protect rare and endangered animals and return them to the wild.

By adopting an animal you will be giving endangered species a chance of survival.

From just £3 per month you will be helping to protect, feed and return animals to the wild. The animals are all in care in Kent, which means you can go down to see them before they are returned to the wild.

You can sponsor a giraffe, gorilla, panda, monkey, big cats such as lions, tigers or cheetahs as well as many other species. The Asprinall foundation has the widest selection of animal species to adopt anywhere. Starting at just £3 a month.

Sponsor an animal today>>>>

Wellness H20 Bottle.

The recently released Wellness bottle is high on my Christmas list. This normal sized gym water bottle comes packed with the most sophisticated small scale filtration system available.

The filtration bottle has been created as part of the 'end bottled drinking water' campaign and is able to filter thousands of the many chemicals and contaminants that pollute our water supplies. More information can be found out on their web site. (USA based).

They Cost just £34.99 but it will save you from ever having to buy a water bottle again. It only costs the price of around 60 water bottles which many people will get through in just a month. Not only will this will save you large amounts of money but will also save the environmental burden that plastic bottles bring.

Buy your Wellness H20 bottle here>>>>> (UK based).

A Michael Neill book or audio programme.

There is nothing more powerful as a present than something that could change your life. There are thousands of self help authors and products out there. The best material I have read this year comes from Michael Neill.

Michael Neill is the man who mentored Paul Mckenna and is a success coach. The great thing about Michael is unlike many 'self help gurus' who push their products with almost evangelical enthusiasm Michael is laid back, realistic and provides more tips than any other book I have read.

'Be happy Now' is one of the best self help books I have ever read and is an amazing summation of happiness. It details how most of us go about happiness in the wrong way and what you can do to create it in your life regardless of your situation. For less than £10 this gift is a bargain.

Buy Be happy now>>>



Effortless success Audio 6-CD pack>>>>

Emotional Freedom Technique dvd's

EFT is probably the most powerful mind strategy technique you can do without the need for another person. It can produce great shifts in behaviour modification and creates positive changes in both physical and emotional well being.

If you would like to learn EFT then you may be interested in the EFT DVD box sets. These can be bought by from the official site of EFT and comprise 80 DVD's within 10 individual box sets. They explain and demonstrate every area of Emotional freedom technique (EFT).

Buy some official EFT dvd's>>>

World vision 'Change a life' gifts.

Donate to world vision and buy a gift on behalf of your friend for people in areas of the world who are less fortunate than us.

You can buy a llamas in South America for native indians or a fishing nets for families on the coast of Africa. There are all sorts of presents you can buy for people including a whole school if you have a few thousand pounds to spare. Price range from £7 up wards..

View all 'Change a life' gifts>>


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