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Adrenal stress test.

Almost everyone is under stress these days. It comes from all sources. We most often associate it with pressure at work, money, health and relationship concerns. Stress also comes in the form of internal hidden stressors.

These internal sources are often much greater than the more obvious external stresses in your life. These include low blood sugar, metal contamination, toxins within the body, eating sensitive foods, eating the wrong foods for your metabolic type, parasites, fungus, viruses, hormone disruption, spinal alignment and more.

When the body is under any form of stress the adrenal glands are stimulated and produce hormones to counteract the imposed stress. If this stimulus is prolonged then the adrenal glands can begin to fatigue.

When this happens you begin to see various health traits occur. The adrenal stress indicator test looks at these traits. It allows you to rate your overall health in regards to the traits that indicate adrenal fatigue. This will give you a general indication of adrenal fatigue. The most accurate way to chart adrenal fatigue is using a four point saliva test.

Take the adrenals fatigue indicators test:

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Results interpretation

A test such as this is more descriptive than it is analytical or diagnostic. However, it gives us a general picture. Based on your score you can rate the results as:

0-10 - This low end score suggests the adrenals are still strong.

10-50 - There are signs of early stage adrenal fatigue.

50-150 - The adrenal glands are under fatigue.

150+ - Adrenal glands are strongly fatigued, body needs some support

If you are having trouble achieving your goals, e.g. weight loss then the health of the adrenals and thyroid have an important role to play.

Resolving adrenal fatigue

To remove the fatigue within the body you must take two steps:

1) Remove the stress stimulus - You cannot empty a bath when the taps are running. you must discover and remove the cause of stress. In general the internal stressors offer a big problem than the more obvious stresses you see.

2) Restore function to the adrenals - This can be done through eating in accordance with your metabolic type and certain supplementation routines.

The fastest way to begin aiding your body fight stress is to resolve how food is preventing or contributing towards stress. Discovering your metabolic type is initially the first step to be taken as food is one of the biggest contributors to adrenal functioning in either a positive or negative way depending on what you are eating and more importantly what your body wants. This latter can be very different from your traditional healthy eating diet.

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