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Liver function and metabolic assessment profile.

The liver is the organ in the body responsible for picking up and removing toxins from the system as well as performing other roles such as the conversion of carbohydrates into glycogen.

It is the liver along with the adrenals that picks up the slack from your less than optimal lifestyle. You may go along thinking that because all is well on the outside everything on the inside is fine as well. The reality is your liver function can become impaired as it is forced to pick up more and more toxicity from the body.

One of the biggest's stresses on the body is food sensitivities. This links into the lining of the digestive tract (muscosal barrier). As the barrier degrades more food particles can break through (leaky gut) and this creates an extra demand upon the liver. Therefore it is often prudent to test to see if your digestive tract is suffering and how the liver is handling these demands.

Metabolic assessment profile

The metabolic assessment profile test looks at the functioning of the digestive system, liver function and gives an indication of oxidative stress within the body. The test is completed through a urine sample.

Through measuring an indican that is produced by bacteria by the amino acid Tryptophan the test can reveal whether your body is adequately digesting protein and / or is suffering an overgrowth of bacteria in the intestine.

The test also measures Lipid peroxides within the urine. A high level is an indication that the body is suffering from free radical damage and high oxidative stress.

The final use of the metabolic assessment test is to look at bile acid sulphates. This gives a direct measure of liver function as they are created when bile acids leak into the bloodstream. High levels are associated with impaired liver function from too great a demand being placed upon the organ. This means it has to work overtime just to keep up with the demands.

Helping your body

The fastest way to help your body and liver is to resolve the factors creating stress upon your system. Discovering your metabolic type is initially the first step to be taken as eating the wrong foods is one of the biggest contributors to stress.


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