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The 10 Principles of being in amazing shape

In my book Change your thinking, Change your shape, I outline 10 principles by which people who are in amazing shape think differently to those who are out of shape. These thought patterns form the foundations of their success and are the only way to produce long term results.

If you are looking to get into shape you must look at your thinking patterns. This is because only a tiny percentage of people go from being out of shape to being in amazing shape. Research studies show that the results for maintaining weight loss for more more than five years are abysmal regardless of what diet or method you do or do not use. This means the odds are stacked against you right from the start.

The solution is to develop the right mind set. To do this you must adopt the 10 principles of being in amazing shape. To adopt a new belief you must do more than read about it. You must use belief change protocols. This is all explained within my book which will be released soon. In the meantime, read about the 10 principles:

1) Deserve to achieve your goal and avoid making weight a covering issue - Primary to any success is knowing it is your right to achieve your goal and ensuring the lack of success in this area of your life is not a mask for avoiding another problem in life. This is linked to feelings of worthiness and self sabotage.

2) Think being in amazing shape is important, inspirational and can be achieved alongside other goals in life - You should be inspired by the thought of achieving your goal and its success should attain equal priority (not time devotion) within your life.

3) Commit through action - Action should be the measure of your success, more importantly, taking the correct action. This involves removing resentment.                                                        

4) Use emotional outlets that do not involve food or drink - If eating or drinking is your only way to cope with emotions you are going to run into trouble unless you have a life free from all stress! Learning how to control emotions will free you from ties to food.   

5) Avoid making excuses - Taking responsibility for your action and thus avoiding excuses is an important element for results. The key is finding a way to apply this principle in the real world. People in amazing shape have found a way to do this.                                            

6) Take an interest in being in shape and how you are unique - Believing your body is the same as everyone else's is the foundation of our model of health. It is also one of the main reasons most people are out of shape. For success you must take an interest in how your body reacts differently to others and also into the process of getting into shape.

7) Attain balance in life and have the best of both worlds - The ability to balance good behaviours verses bad behaviours is vital for long term success. It is also necessary to be able to attain the best of both worlds in what appears an either / or choice.               

8) Socialize with others in amazing shape - Who you spend your time with has a major influence on your success. The key is how do you counter the negative effects of your social circle who are most likely not in the shape you aspire to be in.                   

9) Incorporate health and fitness into your personality - Doing a behaviour and incorporating it into your personality are not the same thing. For long term success the latter needs to happen.          

10) Follow the right plan for success - Once you have developed the right mind set to follow any plan it is beyond vital you actually find the plan that your body needs. This can stray a long way from traditional advice for getting results.                                           

Everyone of these subjects is discussed in depth within my book alongside many other aspects such as false beliefs. The book also has mind changes exercises and a 15 week plan for results.

My book Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape will be availiable soon (early October 2011).

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