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Blocking Beliefs

To get in shape you need to adopt the 10 principles of being in amazing shape. For these to become part of your new mind set you will need to overcome the many blocking beliefs that most people possess around food and exercise.

A blocking belief is any belief you hold around health and getting into shape that prevents success. As with all beliefs there is no such thing as a right or wrong one. Simply some beliefs will aid achieving a goal while other beliefs will prevent success. In my book Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape I outline some of the major beliefs that prevent success. These include:

Food makes you happy - Holding this belief means you will more likely turn to food in times of feeling down. This actually creates a self sustaining circle where the food makes you feel down which then makes you want more food which makes you feel down. There are some simple techniques you can use to break this.

Eating food is exciting - Eating for excitement means any slow day may just get filled up with eating. The key is using strategies to get around this.

The benefits of alcohol - Alcohol can be the making or breaking of some peoples efforts. There are five main reasons any person drinks. When you understand these you will be able to break this blocking belief.

Getting into shape is too much effort - Believing this is true will put off most people from ever trying to get into shape. Defining anything as an effort comes because of two underpinning beliefs. Become aware of these and no longer will getting into shape appear an effort.

X, Y or Z is healthy - The belief in the absoluteness of health and the properties of any one food or style of training can create as much problems as it creates.

Health happens to me - Thinking that health happens to your body rather than you being in control of your fortunes can lead to a lack of effort. Where does this belief come from?

I cannot do it - This can often stop you putting in the right level of commitment. However, long term success is not about your ability to be able to do or not do any one task, it is about a more enduring quality.

These are just a selection of beliefs that could be preventing results.

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