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Uses of Emotional freedom technique (EFT)

Emotional freedom technique is a psychological form of acupuncture. It is had wide variety of uses and application. This is because your mind is involved in every aspect of your life.

For an overview of emotional freedom technique (EFT), its theory and development please read my EFT explained article.

Uses of emotional freedom technique (EFT)

Some of the main areas EFT can be used for include:

Weight loss

EFT is used in a couple of areas when it comes to weight loss. It is a great technique to remove food cravings and control emotional eating. This can often undermine your attempts. Through using EFT you are able to control your food cravings and reduce the need to eat comfort foods.

The second area it can help with weight loss is through clearing and removing emotional barriers to success. Though most of us are not aware of it when we have trouble achieving a goal there more often than not is an emotional objection or inner conflict within. Emotional freedom technique can resolve these barriers and conflicts to help you attain natural motivation to lose weight.

A health complaint / issue

The mind plays a huge part in the overall health of the body. An emotional origin can be found in many health complaints. Western medicine does not really support this theory despite their research saying it is true, e.g. tens of thousands of studies have shown the placebo group to make gains in medical trials. This shows how that condition is affected by a mental/emotional aspect.

When dealing with a health condition emotional freedom technique is applied to unresolved events from your past. That is any event that still evokes a negative emotion when you think about it now, e.g. can you still gee angry, scared, nervous, embarrassed about events from your past now? In some people these can become a drain on the body and the source of a health complaint.

Physical pain

EFT can work on physical pain for one of two reasons. If the injury has also brought a disruption to your electrical system then applying EFT will realign your electrical pattern which often reduces or clears the pain.

The second reason it may work is if you have unresolved emotions which are displaying themselves as a physical pain. In this case using EFT to resolve the emotions will often bring an improvement or resolution in the physical pain.


EFT is an awesome technique for controlling and removing phobias without ever having to get stressed, scared or worked up. By removing each individual aspect involved with your phobia you can clear the issue

For example, people who are scared of spiders may hold this fear because it is black, it moves fast, they once had one fall on them, mum said they were dangerous etc. It would be necessary to apply EFT to each aspect to get over your phobia. Please note you do not ever have to get stressed over the fear you have to resolve it.

Negative emotions associated with an upcoming event.

EFT is fantastic at resolving negative feelings surrounding forth coming events e.g. a speech, presentation at work, meeting someone, sports match etc. It is important to look at all the possible aspects to this fear.

For example, you may have used EFT to be prepared for a talk to 10 people, but when 20 turn up you become nervous again. This is a new aspect to your phobia and would need to be addressed using EFT once more.

Life goals

The majority of our goals are totally under our control and easily within our abilities to achieve. However very often we do achieve our goals and this is due to the mind set and thought patterns we hold.

Emotional freedom technique works by removing the negative consequences and concerns associated with trying to achieve your goal. This allows the mind to be free and head towards your goals with renewed focus. For best results EFT should be combined with certain other techniques to build the positives of success.

Overall peace of mind and happiness

Through picking out and resolving any previous unresolved emotional events and memories you can increase your peace of mind and overall happiness about you as a person


Most addictions are a need to quell a degree of anxiety inside. If you can resolve this need then the addiction can be removed. Emotional freedom technique looks to resolve the underlying emotional issue causing the addiction.

EFT is also very helpful in reducing an addictive craving. Though this process usually acts simply as a stop gap measure it is still effective for any given situation. Only when the unresolved emotions are addressed will the need for the craving disappear.

Sport performance

For ultimate sports performance you need the mind to allow you to achieve your full physical potential. Using EFT you are able to expand your comfort zones, control negative emotions on the day and increase your performance.

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