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My role is to help you towards achieving your health and fitness goals. I have a very strong track record of success because of my approach is very different to most conventional methodologies. This has allowed me to help client after client to lose weight, increase energy, develop their fitness levels and support their body against health complaints.

My aim is to identify the causal problems underneath your goal and then work with you to remove these blocks to success. In addition to this I also look to restore efficient function in the underlying systems of the body e.g. detoxification, immune, digestive pathways etc. This base up approach coupled with exercise, mental strategies for success and my experience is a very powerful combination to produce results.

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Download the causal factors upon your goal document. This also includes information of how I cover these different areas and further possible testing options. Alternatively Click here to view the diagrams in a separate window.

Metabolic typing Goal influences

Working with face to face in London.

I am based here in Clapham Junction in South West London. As explained above my role is to help you address the causal factors underneath your goal. I do this through offering Metabolic typing, further diagnostic testing, exercise training and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

My Personal training sessions usually cover a combined approach of the above based on you current goals and needs. My aim is to produce immediate results while putting in place long term behaviour patterns for sustainable success.

The best way to understand how I work would be to come down and meet me so we can discuss your goals and how the process could work for you.

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How does the process work?

Once committed I will send you the Metabolic Typing questionnaire. This 150 question analysis will be used to address a numerous possible causal factors.

In the first session we will go through the metabolic typing test results (if they are back at this point) and start taking measurements for your fitness profile.

Subsequent sessions will develop upon your nutrition results, progress your scores on your fitness profile and develop a training plan for your own time. We will also discuss blocking factors, introduce EFT and other techniques as deemed necessary.

Frequency, Support and times.

How many times I see is very much dependent upon your goals, the type of person you are (e.g. motivation), your experience of exercise and current ability levels. Finances on your side need to be also factored in.

Some clients I see 3 times a week while others every 2 weeks. The key is results. If you are getting them then that is great, if not we must start looking for reasons why. It is more effective to be in regular contact initially rather than spreading out training sessions and never developing momentum. We can discuss this on your introductory session.

My goal is to help you create sustainable behaviour patterns so you can maintain results without the need of external support. How long you work with me for is again dependent on results and the type of person you are etc. There is no minimum or maximum time you can work with me.

As well as the support during the training sessions I am also available in between sessions to resolve any problems and you will have access to my member's area which contains a wealth of information in the form of audio's, articles and videos. You may also come to my Friday night and SUnday morning athletics track training sessions as well as my sunday morning social touch rugby group.

I am available from 6am until 8pm for training sessions. Availability is limited in at certain peak times but this changes depending on the current clients.

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Common questions /concerns

I have answered the commonly asked questions and concerns below, click on the questions to jump to the answer or just drop me an email:

What does the sample session involve?

We will go through your goals, discuss how I work and the approach used to get results. After this we will go through a sample exercise session so you can get the feel of what the exercise involves.

It is all done in a fairly relaxed manner. At the end of it you can take an information pack away and then decide whether this is something for you.

I am not into hard sales because I need you to understand fully what is involved and you need to want to do it. Therefore I would rather just explain the process so you are better aware of the facts and fully informed to make a decision either way.

Why do you give a sample session?

So we can meet and become better informed of your goals and current abilities. It is important for you to understand the process. No point signing up if you are not going to do what is required to get results. That is just wasting everyone's time.

The sample session also allows you to have a test drive so to speak. It is good fun, relaxed and certainly worth 45 minutes of your life.

What results will I get?

Everyone will get results and an improvement in their body inside and out. However, the results depend on how many causal factors you address and then how your body responds to this. When discussing results you probably mean how quickly will i lose weight. Many people get some very quick results while others it is a slow process.

I do not know how your body will react and realistically there is only one way to find out, do it! Two people with similar health complaints may not respond the same. One may increase energy, clear their headaches and gain better mental clarity while the other may drop 10kg. Both have made massive gains but the latter person is usually happier because they are lighter. How you react is down to you.

If you are actually looking for long term results then this is the only approach to take. This is a process not a short term, quick fix measure! Take a look at some of my previous clients and see how they got on. You will struggle to find any other personal trainer in the UK with a similar testimonials list.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Most people see some positive body fat changes within the first 10 days, probably about 80% of clients.

After that the results will definitely come for everyone but in what form depends on how your body decides to react. Anyone who sticks to the plan at least in a ball park will see improvements and results.

However, results are not always in body fat first but often other health measures. This is the luck / bad luck of how your body responds. How you respond to this is the make or break decision. Either you front up and face the problems or run off and try another diet or simply give up. Your call.

Take a look at some of my previous clients and see how they got on. You will struggle to find any other personal trainer in the UK with a similar testimonials list.

What guarantees do you give?

I do not give guarantees. All it does is attract time wasters who do not understand my approach is for long term and sustainable results. It is not a quick fix.

When you have taken enough responsibility for your own results you will naturally understand how this process works and that there is no other way for real results.

Any mickey mouse guy can offer a guarantee with a pile of criteria for you to follow. Truth is, everyone will get results but for some people it comes more in terms of health traits over body fat. This is only a small percentage.

If you plateau then I must work with you to find out the true cause of this problem. When a guarantee is involved it becomes a blame game of you versus 'my system'. At the end of the day, it is your body and it acts how it wants to and on its timescale. It is also dependent on how well you have or have not treated it for the many years before now.

If you commit then I am sure we will get to the bottom of the problem and get the results you desire. However, you should drop the idea it is guaranteed to happen in 8 weeks or similar. Yes some people may get there in 4 weeks, but others do not. Only one way to find out.

Take a look at some of my previous clients and see how they got on. You will struggle to find any other personal trainer in the UK with a similar testimonials list.....yes.....even the ones with fancy guarantees.

What are the prices?

The prices are detailed by following the link below. There are discounts available for block booking a group of sessions and also for training before 7pm in the evening.

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Why are your prices so low compared to other trainers?

As you can see by my costs they are much lower than you would expect if you compare myself to other trainers. For similar prices other trainers offer nothing more than glorified rep counting or focus solely on exercise. They do not measure up compared to the wealth of skills, facilities and tests I offer.

My low prices are set to allow you to undertake further testing which though not a prerequisite to working with me are highly advisable. Some of these tests can have significant costs associated with them.

What tests do you offer, must I do them?

I have a variety of testing options for you. These include the metabolic typing test and your fitness profile tests. If you do not want to do these then there is not much point working with me.

All the other tests are optional. This includes a hair tissue mineral analysis, blood glucose, hormone and adrenal stress profiling, metabolic assessment profiling, mucosal barrier function testing, parasite and bacterial stool testing and Type 3 and 4 MRT food sensitivity tests.

The more tests you do the greater the information and chances we can find the root cause of your problems.

What hours do you work?

I work from 6 am until 8pm in the evening. Sessions last around one hour. Sometimes we will over run.

Where are you based?

In the Fitness First in Clapham Junction. This is available for non-members though there may be a £5 charge to enter the club (depends on the receptionist).

Clapham Junction has easy access from the whole of London. Just 5 minutes by train from Victoria and also on the main train lines from most of South London and beyond. My Fitness First gym is just 80m from the station.

Please note there are two Fitness First in Clapham Junction for some reason. They are 100m apart. My one is above revolution bar and opposite Debehnams.

Do you do home visits?

Not really, I will consider any home visits but usually I only see clients in my gym in Clapham Junction..

How long is a session? What actually happens in one?

Sessions last around an hour, sometimes we will take a little longer. In the session we would usually start with a warm up. Follow it with some aerobic intervals then some weight training. Before, during or after we would discuss nutrition, the mind set of achieving your goals, resolve problems etc. The sessions are specific it to you so how it is structured reflects this. It could be we do no exercise and only EFT for example. Best way to find out is to meet me for a sample session and find out.

I am very interested but not quite sure yet, what shall I do?

Contact me for a sample session. Call me on 0207 585 3289 or 07915 397 703 to arrange a time. Alternatively drop me an email

What if I have injuries?

Yes. We will work around any injuries you have. I have helped people rehabilitate from broken, ankles, knees, pelvis, spinal trauma. I also have experience rehabilitating post stroke and cardiac patients.

This means you injuries can be managed and accounted for during the sessions

I am so unfit, how will handle the exercise?

Relax, the exercise is targeted to you specific level. I have worked with stroke victims, 80 year olds and every other possible type of client. The fitness is specific to your standard, whether you are a marathon runner or come to me with 30 years of sedentary behaviour behind you. We start off easy and build. The fitness profile will reveal what level you are at and we will progress accordingly.

I have no will power! How will I follow the nutrition plan?

Relax, I do not believe in not having will power. It is a simple combination of eating incorrectly, poorly learnt behaviour patterns and / or an an ineffective emotional coping strategy. I have the tools to resolve all these areas. I have seen too many people with no will power get results to believe that you cannot do it.

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