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Anu Brady

Anu is in her twenties and leads a hectic work and social life. She is a solicitor and has moved from London to Australia. She is still maintaining her amazing results two years after training with me.

Why did you work with Ben, what were your goals and what had you tried before?

I decided to work with Ben because I had gained weight all over my body and stopped exercising after a year of traveling. I found my weight was really getting me down.

My goal was to lose weight, become toned and be able to run for more than just 10 minutes!

In the past I have tried Low fat diets , these worked in the very short term but left me really hungry so would lose weight but then gain the pounds back over the next month or so. It was a vicious circle!

I used to go to the gym a lot but only do cardio (bike or cross trainer) so would lose weight but could never run outside (so fitness never seemed to improve really) and I wasn't’t toning up.

How did you find the experience?

I found the nutrition enlightening. I managed to get results without feeling hungry. At first I was skeptical that I could lose weight by eating fuller fat products. Ben explained to me that this was what my body needed and I would lose weight even though this approach would not work for different metabolic types. After two weeks I had lost weight so decided that I should keep going with it.

What I liked was that if I ate some of the foods that weren't so good for me it was ok, I had not ‘broken’ the diet I just needed to make sure the next meal was a good mix of the foods that were right for my body. I loved the fact it was about eating more of the right foods than restricting yourself. This meant I could achieve the balance of getting results yet not feel restricted.

The exercise was brilliant, I used to go on a cross trainer for an hour thinking I would look great if I did that 4 times a week. Finding out that 15-20 mins of cardio with some weights, core training and stretching would do a much better job was fantastic. I responded well to the resistance training, realized I had some muscles and found going to the gym easier as the routines were more varied!

What results did you get?

I started as a size 16 and now I am a size 10! I have lost fat all over and toned up. My body shape has changed completely. I also know I can keep this shape. All my friends can't believe the change. I love the way my stomach is flat and the look of my arms.

"The best bit is I don’t look fat in photo’s now, even when next to a size 6!"

Fitness wise I am now up to running 8 km and will look to run a half marathon in the future. I cannot believe I am now a runner! With my new fitness I am also looking to go back and play hockey next season and maybe even a triathlon.

“I love the fact that I am standing next to a size 6 friend in the photo and I don’t feel fat! I lost 5 Kg and went from 16 to a 10"

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