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Becca Dowing

Becky is in her late twenties and works in London as a solicitor. She is still maintaining her great results one year after training with me.

Why did you work with Ben, what were your goals and what had you tried before?

London Personal Trainer Testimonial Becky DowningI had been an active person and was always in shape. However, this changed when I went to university and gained a stone within the first 3 months - I tried just about everything to lose that weight from investing in pointless ab machines, weight loss pills to starving myself but nothing worked. Throughout the following years my weight fluctuated heavily.

To make matters worse I started working in a high pressured job and developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. The turning point came when I got engaged - the thought of looking like a whale in my wedding dress motivated me to get a grip and finally take control of my health. I decided to set the goals of achieving a body fat level of less than 20% and to tone up substantially.

How did you find the experience?

Training with Ben was a real eye opener. My previous experience with personal trainers was the standard and bland approach of warming up on the treadmill and then doing basic exercises. Ben took a much more wholesome approach and tackled my health from all angles ensuring that we dealt with anything that was limiting my progress. Some sessions he would tackle my mind set and beliefs which would refresh my motivation, and on other days we would hit the gym hard leaving me feeling exhausted, but most definitely improved! Most importantly, Ben provided me with the knowledge and tools that I needed to lead a healthy lifestyle without further assistance.

Ben is so much more that just a personal trainer - he is genuinely interested in your well being and results and often emailed me to see how I was doing and offer me advice.

Ben taught me that to achieve lasting results I had to first and change how my mind works and what my core beliefs were in relation to nutrition and exercise. I took the metabolic typing test which facilitated the second most important lesson which is that many foods which I thought were healthy were in fact not for my particular metabolic type. Once implemented into my lifestyle, this discovery alone was responsible for substantial weight loss. I also learnt that to be truly fit did not just involve being able to run 10k in a decent time - it involves core, strength and flexibility as well as cardiovascular capacity. The three elements are interdependent and so the fact that I had ignored 2 of them had severely limited me overall.

What results did you get?

Ben challenged and pushed me in ways that I had never experienced before which meant I achieved unprecedented results: When I got married I had lost over 7% body fat and gained a substantial amount of muscle tone. More importantly I broke my unhealthy relationship with alcohol and gained in confidence and energy overall.

Much of what I have learned has flowed over into other aspects of my life. For instance, the emotional freedom technique which Ben has taught me helped me break other fears and unhealthy habits. For instance, EFT helped me overcome my great fear of public speaking so that I could stand up in front of over 100 people at my wedding and deliver a speech that was well received. I have learned that "less is more" and "quality over quantity" often applies to many other aspects of life other than just exercise. I truly believe that I will be applying what I have learned for the rest of my life

London Personal TRainer EFT and Metaboic Typing resultsLondon Personal Trainer Metabolic Typing resultsClapham Personal Trainer MEtabolic TYping Results"I lost 7% body fat, gained more muscle tone and looked great on my wedding day! I also gained confidence, changed my habits and truly believe I will apply this for the rest of my life!"     



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