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Northland’s Fijian rugby province.

Northlands province is situated in the South East corner of the main island Viti Levu. They compete in the nationwide Sanyo Cup.

How did I end up working with a team in Fiji?

I was contacted by Watisoni Ratulevu, the coach of the Fijian Province of Northland. He was looking for some support in helping his team raise their fitness levels so that they could compete within the Fiji National rugby championship (the Sanyo cup).

He came to me because his team had always finished 11th or 12th and he was determined to help them finish higher up the table and compete with the bigger rugby provinces.

What did you provide for the team?

I designed and sent through a four month training plan which covered all the aspects that each team member should do within their sessions. This included sprint training, aerobic conditioning, core and resistance work as well as agility and plyometric methodology.

Being a good few thousand miles from the South East corner of the Fiji where Northlands are based I could not personally oversee the training . The coaches of Northland followed the plans to the best of their ability.

How did the team benefit from the fitness programmes?

The result were sensational. Northlands have achieved their highest ever finish. They came 5th in the championship compared to their usual finishing position of 11th or 12th place. They also managed to win the Farebrother cup for the first time in their history.

Northlands coach Ratu:

“We finished 5th this year compared from the previous years where we always finish 11 or 12 of the points table. It was a big improvement and we made a great achievement by winning the Farebrother Cup from the Champion team last year.

This is a history into the book of Fiji Rugby and to the people of
this province, Great Achievement Ben, I would like to thank you for
your big support into our team, A Big Vinaka Vakalevu which means
Thank You very Much Indeed.”

The success of Northlands could have been even better but for the fact they lost numerous games by just 3 points or less. Hopefully next season they will take things forwards once more and press for the Sanyo cup.

Ben, we are now heading to our off Seasons programme, If u could support us in sending one of your off seasons Weights Progrmme.



2009 Update - I got this recenlty from Ratu

"Our team now has been book a place in the top 4 position after 3 yrs of development into the team, we want to thank u for your support, its all from the Management and players of Northland Rugby in Fiji, we hope u will visit us one day, if u need to visit us pse call me before u come to Fiji. "

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