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Ghislain Juvanon

Ghislain is a 23 year old student studying here in London. Originally from France he has lived all over the world. He is still maintaining his sensational results two years after training with me.

Why did you work with Ben, what were your goals and what had you tried before?

I decided to get help from Ben for several reasons; I wanted to improve my fitness for my next rugby season as this year I was unable to play. Along with that I had always had a weight problem and had just started to attempt to tackle this.

I asked Ben to help me so I could rehabilitate my ankle so that I could train again at full intensity and thus lose fat. Before training with Ben I had basic understanding of what to do in a gym and what exercises to do in order to complement my rugby training. I was also slowly modifying my dietary habits in order to improve my fat loss.

How did you find the experience?

Training with Ben brought a whole new approach on how to train in the gym. I learnt how to train my body so that every exercise done would have greater benefits than I thought was possible. The time training with Ben was enjoyable and fun yet very productive with achievable targets so that I never lost courage and kept going.

All the different exercises along with all the nutritional advice on how to maximize the efforts I was doing made a significant difference compared to anything I had tried before.

What results did you get?

The results are amazing and still have not stopped. I have lost about 17 kg of fat and at least 25 cm (10 inches) around my waist! My body has never felt so well and in shape. My mum had not seen me for three months and was amazed.

I am able to concentrate for much longer periods since I have become more active. I went from not enjoying running and managing just 500m to jogging outside for 25mins! I also think that I made a good friend which has helped me turn myself into a better person.

"I have lost at least 25cm (10 inches) around my waist and 17 kg of fat with Ben and 25 Kg from the very start"

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