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Markus Hofmeier

Markus is from Germany and is in his 30's. He lives in London.

Why did you work with Ben, what were your goals and what had you tried before?

I tried to lose weight by doing more sport. But somehow this never worked out really. I also tried to eat less, and eat less fat things, but again it did not really help me losing weight. My goal definitely was getting back to my size from some years ago, to get back in shape. I also had the goal to get fitter in general, because I enjoy doing sport, but felt I had a lack of guidance there (which exercises are best for me, and how you do them correctly without hurting your bones and joints).

London Personal Trainer Testimonial Becky DowningHow did you find the experience?

Very pleasant and motivating. The metabolic nutrition method really opened my eyes for that every person needs his very own food which suits best for him. There is no standard, as many media want you to make believe. I had no problem at all changing my eating habits. I really enjoyed it and I never felt hungry in this time. I liked that the nutrition method allows you also to have "special meals", which defer a bit from your normal food behaviour. This is no problem at all when the average meals are what you should eat.

I also thought it's amazing the way we worked out. Meaning not this hourly, long work outs, but really intense and quick ones, which at the end save you time, but more importantly make you really fitter and stronger.

I also want to mention the emotional healing technique as very positive. This "add on" even helped me to sort out some more mental and emotional problems everyone has to deal with in their rather stressful, busy lives. Here again: it's simple, and it just simply works. Try it you will see.

What results did you get?

London Personal Trainer Testimonial Becky DowningLost over 10% body fat and more than 10 kilos weight in 6 weeks! I also dropped from size 34 to 33 and sometimes 32 again, which basically was a size I had when I was 19, that means 20 years ago! I also normally buy size M now with t-Shirts for example, and this used to be L and sometimes even XL.  I also feel much fitter now, go to a gym twice a week and build up more muscles, plus running peaks are significantly higher now, and running at a speed of 16 on the training machine is not really a big deal. I started at 11 finding no real breath before. In general I got back in shape, and not only myself do I really like it (I talk about my girlfriend here). I got quite some compliments about the change. But the good thing is: you do it for yourself, and it's fun and even entertaining to watch yourself losing weight more or less "out of nothing", just because you know how to do it (eat the right things).

Now that I did the exercises together with a trainer, I go into the gym myself with a lot of confidence, knowing how to use the machines, and which exercises are good for what.

And last but not least it's really kind of funny to get all this comments about how much weight you lost, and people ask if you stopped eating at all for that, and you just answer "no, I eat normal, but just the right things" ;)

What advice would you give to other people?

If you care for your individual nutrition that is the most important to lose weight. Sport is to get fit.  I would start with a personal trainer, let's say 10 sessions, do the analytics of your eating behaviour, and than you are kicked off into your new life on a professional basis. It's all about technique really, and this one I would say is the best out there at the moment. My trainer (Ben) always supports you in your individual goals, pushes you where needed, but never too much so you would lose motivation. It really is a highlight of my week to go there, it's always relaxed and rewarding. Talking about money, I can say this is the best investment I ever made, worth every penny.

"I lost 10 % body fat and 10 kg in 6 weeks, I get many compliments about my changes. I can say this is the best investment I ever made, worth every penny"

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