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Monika Grygiel

Monika is both a Mum of two and works in Central London.

Why did you work with Ben, what were your goals and what had you tried before?

After the second pregnancy I was determined to lose weight and feel comfortable in a swimsuit. I was always very active and health-conscious but none of the diets I tried in the past worked long term. When my daughter was 6 months old I signed up with a personal trainer. After a year I looked bit better but was still overweight and had back problems. So I decided to change trainers and work with Ben. I was interested in Metabolic Typing and his style of fitness training.

London Personal trainer testimonial photoHow did you find the experience?

Immediately we took the Metabolic typing test and Ben tailored my gym regime based on my fitness profile test so that I was targeting mainly the weak muscle areas.

The first week of metabolic typing detox was hard. I experienced some headaches and dizziness but persevered. It was worth it! I could feel the difference after a fortnight.

I liked the gym sessions with Ben – they were always varied and easy to repeat when I trained at the gym on my own. The loss of  body fat was very motivating and made me want to try harder.

London Personal trainer testimonial photoWhat results did you get?

My body adapted to the new regime and responded with increased energy levels. I was euphoric most of the time and all my friends commented on how happy I looked.

After 4 months I went down from size 14 to size 10 and for the first time in years felt happy about going on a family beach holiday. I always hated jogging and found it exhilarating that I could jog for 10-15 minutes straight without stopping. Everyone commented on how well I looked and it made me even more determined to continue eating according to my metabolic typing plan.

It was easy to keep it up once I knew what my body needed. I am still gradually losing weight and feel better than ever. I am also more patient and energetic mummy – it makes my kids happier too. I am finding it easy to maintain my results.

"After 4 months I went down from size 14 to size 10 and for the first time in years felt happy about going on a family beach holiday"

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