When working with clients I focus on helping them achieve their goals. The methodology we use to get there is specific to each person. This flexible approach means I have helped people transform their bodies on high protein meat based diets while others are on Vegan plans. I have had people eat clean organic all the way while most are doing all sorts of bad things yet still getting results, e.g. eating chocolate daily, drinking daily or eating take out.

Many to most in the field of health and fitness are uneasy with this approach. They want to preach their one way to success. They look to impose their beliefs upon you (usually too strict and not sustainable). It is like they are being paid a commission if you follow their diet and exercise strategy. I feel this is arrogant and taking such a dogmatic approach is not the best method to help people get results. I know this as have used both approaches during my 15 years plus of working with people.

Instead of dogma I listen to what your goals are right now and make a plan based on where you are currently at and what you need for success. Different to most other trainers I judge your results on a five year timescale. That is, where will you be five years from now in regards to this goal. What this means in reality is how will you act for the 4 years+ on your own when we are no longer working together. This means my focus is on changing you and not simply giving you plan ABC to follow.

Working with many different people and varying approaches means certain things need to be emphasised more in one case than another. A good example of that is with people who are always snacking, with these clients I will always look into the macro ratio of their diet a little sooner than with less hungry people.

This is because protein content has a big influence on hunger. When protein content gets too low you will often find hunger and snacking needs increase. This is very common in vegans and vegetarians but also applicable to the standard western diet.

One way to check protein content is to use a calorie app for a couple of days to see what percentage of calories are from protein. If you are below 20% and also often snacking then I would definitely experiment with increasing this amount. For vegans it is easily done using vegan protein shakes. For meat eaters choosing more animal sources will have this same effect. As you vary your protein amount you can see the effect it has. You could look to increase protein content anywhere up to 40% of your calorie needs.

For non calorie counters then you can simply use a food reaction form as pictured below.

With this approach simply eat a meal then 1-2 hours later pick up this form and ask yourself how do you feel? Tick all answers that apply and if a few negative traits were noted return to the meal at another time but add more protein to it. Continue to experiment until are experiencing positive responses after eating. Expand this across other meals of the day and week. (Note- If already very high in protein yet getting negative responses then change another element to the meal).

Most people when they start using this have very little awareness of how food affects these symptoms in either direction. Over time you become much more attuned to how food affects you.

The results of such simple food changes can be massive, over the last month I have had a vegan client lose 14 pounds (6.5Kg – 1 Stone) simply through increasing protein content. It completely knocked out her cravings and then she discovered much to her surprise that she wasn’t such a horrendous eater when she had no cravings to fight against.

Many years ago I worked with a top self help expert who had been using all the mind tricks and mental techniques under the sun to control her food cravings and weight issues but with no luck. When we changed the diet marco ratios through adding more protein almost all of her cravings disappeared and went on to get results fairly effortlessly.

In this example she already had the right mental approach but her food was off, sometimes though it is the other way round. Your food plan is right for you but your mental approach and stress etc is what stops you ever getting it together. Neither is better than the other…. just a different approach must be taken to get results.


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