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Metabolic typing articles

This section contains many articles on metabolic typing.

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Metabolic typing

Read these many article that detail both the underlying theory of metabolic typing, what a metabolic type means and what a metabolic typing diet plan looks like.

Metabolic typing.

Read a basic overview of metabolic typing theory

Metabolic typing video

Watch me as I discuss the basic principles of metabolic typing in this five minute video. Download the full pod cast directly to your Ipod or computer for free if you want to watch the full 30 minute discussion.

Hair tissue mineral analysis and metabolic typing.

Read about how using a hair analysis reveals what is happening within your body at tissue level and what this means for achieving results.

Metabolic typing and food rotation.

In this article I outline how to ensure you have a certain level of variety within your diet. This is important as the body does not respond too well to eating the same food day in day out. In the article I explain a 2 day rotation system which will ensure you supply your body with a good mixture of nutrients.

An example of a metabolic typing diet plan.

Discover what a metabolic typing diet plan looks like and why this is so important for your success

The metabolic typing test

Look at some of the examples questions from the actual metabolic typing analysis. These questions are used to determine your exact nutritional needs.

An example Metabolic typing report

Read through an example metabolic typing report to understand what you receive back from the metabolic typing test

What is a metabolic type?

This article explains what is meant by the definition a metabolic type and what it means for you.

Metabolic typing and your ideal fuel mix

Discover how metabolic typing is related to the amount of protein, carbs and fat you should eat at each meal.

Metabolic typing history and evolution.

Read about how the science of metabolic typing evolved and progressed over the last 80 years.

The Principles and approach of Metabolic typing.

Read a message form William Wolcott about the principles of how Metabolic Typing approaches health and getting results.

The scientific basis of metabolic typing

A look at the underlying scientific theory of metabolic typing.

Metabolic typing - Article published on PT on the net.

Read my article on metabolic typing written for personal training on the net, the leading education facility for personal trainers the world over. This is a little scientific but good for the committed learner.



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