Sunday Morning I was up early to watch the big heavyweight clash between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. It was an amazing boxing match ending in a controversial draw. The back story to the fight was even more interesting that the fight itself.

Tyson Fury won the world championship almost three years ago in 2015 and then things fell apart. He slumped into a depression, ran into controversy in public life and quit boxing. He started using drugs, drinking up to 20 pints a day and eating a diet of kebabs, burgers and pizza. His weight ballooned up to 28 stone (172 Kg – 380 lbs) and his mental problems continued. He was moments from suicide as he drove his sports car towards a bridge at 100 Mp/H but he stopped himself at the last moment. 

After that moment the comeback began. He got a new trainer, teamed up with a nutritionist and conditioning coach. He started training daily with a mixture of cardio sessions (running, bike) with weight training and of course boxing training (pad work, sparring). He followed a ketogenic diet (low carb) which consisted of meat, cheese, mayonnaise, bacon, eggs, sausages. In general to be on a ketogenic diet you need to eat less than 50 grams a day of carbs (200 calories).  

His diet was high in calories, his nutritionist had calculated he needed around 3500 calories a day at maintenance rate and would adjust his food intake to allow for exercise with the aim of being 500 calories under per day. This meant on intense training days where he could have burnt up to 2000 calories in the exercise session he would eat around 5000 calories so there was not too great a deficit imposed on the body.

With the formula in place the magic as usual came form consistency. Putting in the same effort day in day out for over a year. The result was the fat dropped off and he came back into professional boxing. In a little over a year he lost 10 stone (60 Kg, 140 lbs) and fought for the world title once again.   



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