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How it works

This site is designed to make you aware of metabolic typing, exercise and emotional freedom technique (EFT). I would like to show you how these methods can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. To do this I have a free weekly newsletter. I would suggest you sign up to this below.
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If you are interested in using metabolic typing, exercise and /or emotional freedom technique (EFT) to achieve your health and fitness goal I am available to work with you. I can help you achieve your goals either on line or face to face.

My on line course

This takes you through a metabolic typing analysis and the subsequent recommendations. To this you will develop an exercise routine and apply emotional freedom technique (EFT).

The on line course is designed to run for ten weeks. Over this period of time through working together we will implement the different aspects of metabolic typing, exercise and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

Throughout the ten weeks you will find me on hand to guide and support you to your goals. I also answer any questions you may have. On signing up you gain access to my member's area which complements the weekly information sheets and audio recordings you are sent.

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Face to face personal training in Clapham, South west london

If you live local to me then we can meet face to face to cover the metabolic typing, exercise and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

Sessions are held either in the Fitness First by Clapham Junction or within a private gym within my block of flats in Oyster Wharf. Both gyms can be used without a gym membership.

Read more about working with me through personal training>>>>

Tailored to your specific goals

As your goals may be very different to the next person I tailor the material to you. I specialize in weight loss but I have worked with almost every health goal over the years. I have helped people suffering health problems from depression to asthma and trained athletes running marathons to performing motor cross.

Whatever your goal I will use my expertise to the best of my ability to support you towards it.

What will you be taught?

The main areas covered whether you are working with me online or face to face are metabolic typing, exercise and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

Metabolic typing

The most powerful nutrition system in the world. It discovers your unique nutritional needs. This can vary greatly between you and the next person and is the key to losing body fat, improving health and increasing physical performance.

After an initial analysis (a metabolic typing test) we can work together to find out exactly what you need to eat, how much you should eat, what foods to specifically avoid and cover other issues such as supplements, food quality, cooking, recipes etc.

This is not some fad starve yourself diet but instead health building technology that will transform your view of nutrition.


I will teach you everything you need to know about exercise. This includes all four areas of exercise - aerobic, resistance, core and flexibility training.

I will transform the way you view exercise using the science of Periodization, the way to structure exercise. The result will be you never get bored of training, you will continue to get results and your health and weight will change as desired.

The exercise advice is suited to your own facilities, time and fitness levels so you enjoy it and receive the benefits. With example training programmes and many photo filled handouts you will never again be in doubt about how to train at home or in the gym.

Emotional freedom technique and the mind

EFT is a very powerful self help technique which anyone can use. It involves using your fingers to tap on the acupuncture points on the body. It looks crazy but works!! It can be used on almost every area of your life from reducing food cravings, improving health conditions to stopping phobias.

There are also other mental strategies that you may need to use to help you towards your goals. These include visualizations, self talk and other fun and easy techniques that can make a huge difference.

Success rate

Some of the success stories of working with me can be viewed in the testimonials and case studies section.

I have managed to combine what I believe are the most effective techniques in nutrition, exercise and personal development/behavior change. This combination gives you the best chance to succeed because it covers all angles of achieving your health and fitness goal.

In my experience of working with many many people the key to success lies in being willing to address your mind set and keeping in contact with me. This is especially true when working on line. Regular contact leads to consistent results.

Read more about how my on line course works or my personal training in the Clapham area of South west London.

Read more about the underlying theory behind metabolic typing, EFT, exercise and the mind>>>


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