For a long time now it feels like I work for team possibility when it comes to discussing what you can achieve around your body. The narrative that has become accepted almost as truth is that weight loss is impossible and luck is almost as a big factor in success as how you act and what you do. It is quite easy to see where this comes from as almost everyone has a repeatedly failed in their efforts to change their shape.  .

For most people they feel like losing body fat is something that could not happen to them.  You may feel that you are stuck with your weight due to your metabolism, age, genetics, hormones or other health issues etc. To test this theory there are a few scenarios that can be considered:


Famine – If a famine were to strike and food shortages began it would mean we could no longer freely graze on food, instead , we would eat only what the government allowed us to consume. In this scenario what would happen to everyone? There are only two options, you would either lose weight or you would become ill from malnutrition and if prolonged deaths would begin to happen. We know this is true because when famines occur around the world people do not gain weight, whenever the government has enforced food rations (during war times) the population loses body fat at predictable speeds.  


‘Prison’ Shed Experiments – While we rarely have famine in the western world what would happen if I locked you in a shed with a treadmill and all your food was controlled? If I forced you to walk a certain distance to be fed and then still only gave you limited foods portions. The result would be weight loss and a new found hatred of me :). This has been shown in medical ward dieting studies (when people are not allowed to leave the room so all food is controlled). A 5 star version of this are the high end retreats where you pay a lot of money to be put in very nice hotel and spa but also limited to 600 calories a day. These retreats produce predictable fat loss results and stay in business despite the very high charges.  


Brain Swap – What would happen if someone of great fitness and fat loss skills brain swapped into your body? What if not just swapping brains but you also swapped lifestyles? Though the new person in your body would initially need to adjust to their new body’s fitness etc it is unlikely that someone who has been exercising every day for years with a balanced and prepared nutrition routine would all of a sudden stop moving and start eating junk food. On the flipside, if you were brain swapped into a professional athletes body would you have the knowledge, skills or motivation to keep their results and standards?


You Already Have Lost Weight – Everyone has lost weight at some point in their life even if you made progress just for a couple of weeks before returning to your old ways. It shows it is possible as you still lost fat.
What Goes Up Must Come Down – The final thing to consider about the possibility of results is whether your weight has ever changed. Almost everyone would accept they are able to gain weight fairly easily, if that is the case then the fat metabolism process (weight gain or weight loss) has to be working normally. If it is working normally then that means physically you can lose weight as well as gain it based on what you do.

The above elements clearly show that it is not a physical issue per se, or a block in your physiology that means you cannot lose body fat . Instead, it is more an inability to stick to a set of behaviours that could produce the desired changes.  

Please note, though everyone can lose body fat it seems fairly clear that some people have it a little easier than others in terms of losing body fat due to various physiological functions from hunger to metabolism. This is different to it being impossible to get results.

This difference between people has also been over-hyped to make it seem effortless for some people while a struggle for others. In reality, whoever you are, getting in shape takes effort and is never super easy. However, the key here is more about how do you interpret the tasks needed for results? It is more than possible to enjoy all the behaviours it takes to change your body. 




Most people can understand that it may not be a physical issue stopping them losing weight but as they are unable to change their behaviours around health & fitness in any sort of practical way it is still impossible. If getting in shape is about changing behaviours and then it is also helpful to examine this area … that will be the subject of another email in soon


Photo – In an episode of the comedy Red Dwarf they do a brain/body swap…. would this happen to you? Watch here>>> 



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