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What makes a healthy food?

I have done a number of talks recently and a common feature is the surprise of the audience when I show them how so many of our common foods can be a poor choice for the body.

Most people are not aware of the fact that the question of a whether a food is ‘healthy’ is not dependent on the qualities of the food itself, but the context of the food in relation to your body.

This is at the heart of metabolic typing, the only system that discovers the unique nutritional requirements your body needs. Metabolic typing began its evolution when Dr Weston A Price went around the world studying the health and diet of native tribes.

He saw opposite eating patterns in different tribes around the world. The Eskimos were living off 90% protein and fat from eating fish and seal. In South America certain tribes ate an almost total carbohydrate diet of fruits and berries.

Despite these opposites both sets of people had great health. No cancer, no heart disease, no mental health problems or tooth cavities. The explanation of their good health was they were eating whole natural foods.

The fact they were eating very different whole natural foods from each other is because they have evolved differently through natural selection. This is seen in every species in the animal kingdom. An animal adapts to flourish off the foods before them.

Interestingly, on introduction of western food all the different tribe’s suffered a downward turn in health with the same appearance of western health complaints and diseases.

What this shows is that for one set of people the foods that they needed to be healthy were very much different to the other groups needs who lived thousands of miles away. This is evidence of natural selection at work within the human species.

The result of natural selection is that some foods are ideal for certain people but not for others. Therefore the latest health craze, which may be this food or that. Which is hailed as super healthy and the savior to all our issues will not work for or be helpful for everyone. For a certain percentage it will be great but for not for everyone.

The definition of a healthy food is one that will bring your body chemistry back into balance. A food said to be right for your metabolic type. These foods can vary greatly from one person to the next in regards to which foods will harmonize your cells metabolism.

Metabolic typing is the system that allows us to classify your body chemistry at this moment in your life. From this we can then determine which foods are healthy and unhealthy for you. It is the only system that cuts through the hype and farce of the nutrition industry.

The results of going through a metabolic typing analysis is you have a blueprint for exactly what foods are healthy for your body.

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