So here in London we are back into lockdown for a month, it is not quite as strict as the March/April version, rather it is more like the May/June rules. The gyms are shut but you can train with a friend in the park. 


The first lockdown was a tough one, a huge transition from office life to home life. It came with uncertainty, the kids were off school and it was generally a massive shock to the system. Fast forward to today and it is not such a change, you are now much more accustomed to the situation, it is not as strict as the first one and you can draw on your experience from first time round.


The major change this time is the weather and day light. During the first lockdown London turned into a tropical paradise for 3 months while we were coming into the longest day of the year. This time round we are hitting winter and the days are already short and dark. 


28 Day Focus


For me the best way to move forwards is to get focused for four weeks. You can do 28 days of a focused effort which can really make a difference. It will mean just before Christmas you have reset some behaviours and got some nice results. 


To lose weight you will need to create an energy deficit so your body uses up your fat loss stores. To do this you will need to pick a method of reducing food intake and a method of increasing movement. It does not need to be drastic, assuming you are breaking even with your body right now, then a slight nudge upwards in movement and nudge downwards in food intake will be enough.


Simple ways to do this include walking a pretend to commute to and from work (e.g. walk around the block and back to your house), adding in long walks on weekends, running every day or doing home exercises. There are plenty of options. 


For food you can reduce it by just making every portion of what you are having now smaller, or you could miss a meal, stop snacking or replace higher calorie foods with lower ones. It could be that you have only one bad day and not two and half. You do not need to be extreme, just nudge it downwards.


If you are looking to improve your health over change your body shape then pick one or two behaviours you are looking to improve and track them every day for a month. It can be really helpful if you use a daily wall chart so you can see your progress.

You can achieve a lot in a month. I had a online client lose just under 5 kg in the first month of her training plan this October. If you need support then message me.

I am going to use the month to focus more on cooking and to drop a bit of body fat. This will mean I am in a striking zone of being ready to compete when the the fitness model shows return next year…assuming they do! Alongside this I will write everyday as my new book is on target to be out by January. 


Photo – The power of wall charts


Battersea park was created in 1858. For me and many others Battersea Park is considered one of London’s most interesting Parks housing Battersea ZooBattersea Evolution Exhibition Centre and right next to Battersea Park Dogs & Cats Home and the iconic Battersea Power Station

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