It is the 1st of May which means we are four months into the year and a great time to ask some health & Fitness progress questions… answer these –

How Has Your Body / Health and / or Fitness Changed This Year? – If you had any goals in one of more of these what has happened to it after four months. They could have improved a lot, a little, not at all or worsened. 

How many Exercise Sessions Have You Done This Year? – This should show your exercise consistency. We have had 17 weeks so far so do the calculations of how many sessions you have done factoring in periods you were extra motivated and allowing for inconsistency. 

What Changes or Focus With Your Food Have You Followed This Year? – This reveals what you have done with your food efforts. Did you try to follow a certain nutrition plan or method? Did you use fasting techniques? Perhaps you have paid no attention to your eating?

What Are Your Average Steps For 2019? – Your iphone has been counting without you knowing if you visit the heart app. Most phones have a counter now, you may need to download a free app. Assuming you have some data then four months of movement data is plenty enough to give you an insight into your lifestyle. 

What Other Health & Fitness Related Behaviours Have You Changed Or Focused On in 2019? – You may have changed your drinking behaviours, focused on sleep, started doing daily meditations and so forth. How have you gone with these efforts?


What To Do With These Answers

 The first question above should tell you if you have made progress on your main goals so far. The following questions should have revealed what your current behaviours are and therefore you can see how they are influencing the results you have or have not achieved.

If losing weight is the emphasis it will be a combination of food x movement x exercise. If fitness is the goal then it will come into the quality and consistency of the training you are doing. If health is the main issue it will be a combination of food, exercise and other health measures.

The point of a four month check is to see how you are doing. If you are making progress nicely then simply repeat more of the same going forwards.

If things are not going well then you need to change something to kick things into gear. The easiest way is to make use of a coach or trainer, no other goal area needs support and structure than body or health transformations. This is due to the way the underlying behaviours are interwoven with every aspect of your life. 

A prudent way to address things if not going well would be to do the following for two to three weeks each and then review at the end – 

Try Something New – Too often we repeat the same mistakes over and over and wonder why we get the same results. Sometimes a new approach for a few weeks is enough to shake up your old behaviour patterns. Choose something that appeals or you always wanted to try.

Return To The Old – Very often we have stopped doing something that used to work really well. After trying something new, go back to some old methods that really worked well previously. Edit them if necessary to fit your circumstances today and then get back on it for a few weeks. It can be excellent on results.

Do Something For Mind / Mental Well-Being – Many times our health and fitness results are simply a by-product of our mental state of mind . Therefore focusing on something that improves this area often has beneficial affects on the physical side of our lives.

My Sum Up For 2019

To answer the above questions, I have made some nice progress this year in terms of muscle gains and now I am beginning to drop fat to see if I am big enough to compete in a fitness model show. Probably not but we shall see.

I have done 93 gym sessions, 15 games of football and various samba dancing events. Food wise it has been average enough, my main focus was just on hitting rough calorie targets and to not go much above 83 / 84kg. The last month since starting to cut body fat it is has been pretty good and I am now 81Kg.

Average steps is around 20 000 a day, I had three different phones and one didn’t have a step app for a bit so not as easy as back in my Iphone days to see the number.

This year I really focused on improving sleep after reading Why We Sleep. It has had a huge benefit. Perhaps the biggest one for mental well-being since I started measuring and focusing on social contact. Like sleep, there was a huge correlation for me between happiness and mental well-being. I therefore made it primary to my lifestyle. I think these two issues, social interaction and sleep are the massive factors affecting people’s happiness today.


Photo – I went to Thorpe Park on Saturday talking of social fun things to do.  


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