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Metabolic typing rotation principles

Whatever metabolic type you may be or whatever diet you are following it is important you rotate your foods so as to maximize the benefits of nutrition upon your health and fitness goals. The two day food rotation principle simply states “In any one week you should go two days without any one food or type of food.”

Why rotate your foods?

As creatures of habit we love to get into a routine and eat the same meals day in day out. Whenever we eat the same food day in day out we greatly increase the chances of that food becoming sensitive to our body.

A classic example of an intolerance through over consumption is wheat. This now affects the majority of the population simply because most people have wheat for breakfast in their cereal, lunch in their sandwiches and pasta for dinner. This overabundance within the diet makes wheat probably number one food on the sensitivty list.

Aside from increasing the likely hood of food sensitivities sticking to the same foods may deprive your body of nutrients contained in other foods that are right for your metabolic type. Ensuring a rotation in the diet will force you to obtain a selection of nutrients from different sources which will benefit your body.

It is also easy for emotional connections to food to develop. The way to iron this out is by using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). However, through rotating your food and following the two day rotation principle you can stop emotional connections developing to specific foods.

Having two days in any one week without a specific food is almost like doing a mini detox each week. This detox effect is highly beneficial and allows the body to cleanse itself regularly which will in turn accelerate you towards your goals.

How do I rotate my foods?

As stated above the two day rotation principle aims to eliminate any one type of food or food group for two days out of any one week. These two days can be back to back or they can be spread out over different days of the week. You can choose to cut out a number of food groups over a two day period or instead cut out different foods over the course of a week. For example, you could cut out dairy, grains and fruit on Monday and Tuesday , or cut out dairy on Monday and Tuesday, then grains Wednesday and Thursday and finally fruit on Friday and Saturday.

Rotation principles

Try to cut out all foods within each of the following groups at the same time for two days in any seven:


Try to cut out any specific food from the groups below over any seven day period e.g. cut out carrots or broccoli for 2 days in one week by replacing with other vegetables.


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