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Metabolic Typing

Metabolic typing is the science of personalized nutrition. It is a system for determining which foods your body needs. This can vary greatly between any two people and often as no correlation with typical "healthy" nutrition guidelines.

Discovering your metabolic type is one of the foundational measures you must take to get results. If your food is not in place then you will struggle to achieve any health or fitness goal, especially losing body fat.

Metabolic typing recognizes that there are different control systems within the human body. These systems determine the way that your chemical reactions occur within your body. When these control systems become imbalanced they produce health complaints, e.g. low energy, excess body fat etc. Therefore to resolve health issues or get into shape you need to balance any out of balance control system. These systems are balanced primarily through food. Though blocking factors are possible. There are non nutritional reasons the systems will not go back into balance.

Metabolic typing at its basic level answers the foundational questions of nutrition by telling you:

• What to eat
• How much to eat
• What foods to specifically avoid
• All other aspects of nutrition including supplements, food quality etc

At more advanced levels metabolic typing covers all aspects of food, supplementation, hormones, detoxification, acid/alkaline balance, anaerobic/aerobic metabolism, blood type influences, endocrine function as well as addressing blocking factors such as gut health, food sensitivities, parasites, spinal alignment and metal contamination amongst many other factors. To read more about the advanced uses of Metabolic typing read more of my Metabolic Typing articles and information on testing for results>>

The basic level of Metabolic typing involves a 150 question analysis - The Metabolic Typing Test. From this we are able to determine -

What to eat?

It is the influence of the main two control systems that determines which foods your body needs. After taking the metabolic typing test you will then know which metabolic typing diet plan to use. Each plan gives the effect of each food on your body's control systems. The diet plans have completely different foods that are ideal for your body. This means one person may do well on grains or fruit while another person may do very badly off these same foods. The test discovers this by looking at your current functioning, e.g. hunger levels, reactions to food, physical and psychological traits.

How much to eat?

We all have a unique and specific ideal fuel mix. This is the amount of food that allows the body to effectively utilize and produce energy.

When you eat the right foods in the right ratios of protein, carbohydrate and fat you will experience a sense of high energy and mental focus while avoiding food cravings, energy drops or frequent hunger.

To discover the right amounts of food I coach my clients to tune into their bodies and find the answer out for themselves. Metabolic typing uses the ideal fuel mix and body language signals as a key criteria for success along with eating the right foods for your body. (As defined by your metabolic type).

There is also the issue of overall amounts of food consumed per day. The majority of people drop into the ideal zone through using the ratios method above. However for some people they need to adjust their overall intake up or down to optimise results.

What foods should I specifically avoid?

It is essential you ensure any food sensitivities or intolerances are addressed within your diet. Eating foods that your body has trouble processing can make weight loss impossible and cause a number of unwanted health symptoms. Food intolerance's are very common and undermine all efforts to be healthy.

The metabolic typing test also looks at the pattern of where you store fat on your body. The way you store fat has implications on weight loss and food cravings.

Please note that metabolic typing is different and more powerful than the well known eat right for your blood type book. For more information on this read my article on a comparison of metabolic typing and all the major diets

Other nutritional issues

The metabolic typing research has also covered the effects of the other issues surrounding nutrition and lifestyle. This includes food quality, supplements, cooking techniques and other factors such environmental influences. e.g. sleep , sun, toxins etc. This allows you to further safeguard your health and optimize your body fat levels.


Metabolic typing allows you to get very specific about your ideal nutritional needs. This allows you to then achieve your results much more easily. It provides an answer to what, how much and what not to eat.

If you would like to discover your metabolic type then consider my on line course or you can work with me face to face in Clapham, London.

To continue to learn more about metabolic typing then subscribe to my weekly newsletter (I value your privacy and will not give your information to any other parties. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the provided link).

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