I got into a conversation about my favourite exercises the other night and I thought it would be fun to make a list. What are your favourites to my ones below?



Cardio – Touch Rugby / Football / 400m Training – I need some competition to really enjoy a bit of cardio so rugby and football fulfil this desire. A long time competitor in 400m athletics I still like going to the track.



Strength – Dead lift – I rarely do strength these days but this was always the go to exercise for me as the injury rate was so much lower than squats with my body imbalances.



Muscle building – This of course depends on which muscle you are trying to build, these are my favourite ones, they are not necessarily the best ones you can do.



Glutes        – Barbell bridge variations or 1 leg squats
Thighs       – Narrow stance smith machine squats for upper thighs
Hamstrings – Straight Leg Dead lifts 
Back          – 45′ Back raises
Chest         – Incline Press
Shoulders  – Lat raises machine
Trapz         – Rope face pulls
Abs            – Crunch with 4 different foot positions
Arms          – Narrow grip bench press / cable bicep curls 
Core           – Abs activation hollows method



Weight Loss – Walking & Food Intake Moderation – Despite being a personal trainer I am still firmly a fan of walking and generalised movement for fat loss. My feeling is that if you cannot lose weight on food and walking alone you have not got a good enough grasp on your food related behaviours. This means the chance of long term results maintenance are low. This does not stop you doing exercise of course and I encourage everyone to do it but it should not be a necessity. I got down to 4% body fat using this approach. Research also shows a significant proportion of people increase food more than their movement when they start exercising.. 



Exercise For Enjoyment – Dance or Gym With A Friend – This is just down to your own particular preferences. Albeit dance and music has shown to have particular benefits not just physically but also emotionally. I have been dancing and performing samba for 4 years. If not there I usually combine my gym sessions with meeting a friend. A great way for your social and fitness life to work side by side. I have around 8-10 people who I could meet for a session and a chat.



Injury Pre-habilitation – An active stretching routine / Ankle Mobility Drills – I still feel a daily active stretching routine is one of the best for injury prevention. I do one at the start of every session with a client. While there are plenty of other rehab exercises I still feel this is one of the best for preventing injuries in the first place.



If forced to pick one exercise it would be the mobility massage exercise I do for clients on their ankle and feet bones.



Stretch – Hard to pick one stretch but probably be a stomach stretch or flat lying thigh stretch. It wouldn’t be a hamstring stretch which is about last on my list. 



What are your favourite exercises and why?



Photo – One of my training partners hitting out my favourite glute exercise. 



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