I was cycling to go to the gym last week and a purple Lamborghini sped past me with his engines roaring in the annoying way fast car owners seem to drive. We met back at the lights as we happened to be going the same way which of course meant we were in a race ūüôā . It¬†was man vs machine¬†on the 1km stretch between Battersea and Vauxhall.¬† The result was my bike easily won as there is always traffic and lights on that section of road… Exercise 1 – Transport 0.

One of my first ever jobs (and last before becoming a Personal Trainer) was straight after finishing my degree in Chemistry. I was working in a chemical plant in Newport, South Wales about 2km from the city centre. The traffic at 5pm was usually fairly heavy so I would jog against the bus. I would win almost every time. Exercise 2 РTransport 0.

I mention this because if your goal is to get in shape one of the factors most people need¬†to examine¬†is how much movement they do in general life. While it is easy to see what you are eating and count your exercise sessions, general life movement is harder to evaluate. In days gone by we wouldn’t need to think about this as we moved a lot more but with our current lifestyles we are far too sedentary. It was for this reason step counters became the rage 5 years or so ago.

As with almost all the elements of getting in shape it is not overly hard to understand the concept that we should move more yet it can be terribly difficult to actually do it. So one way to do more of a new behaviour is to link it to a current behaviour you are already doing. This brings us back to our daily commute.

If you have to get somewhere each day for work or school etc then how can you incorporate movement into the process? I have lost count of how many times changing the bus / car for a bike or walking has resulted in crazy body transformations.

If you live in a big city then it is common for the actual commute time to be quicker via human power than transport due to traffic issues.  Could you try an active commute? Many companies have cycle to work schemes, often showers are available so you could jog, walk or cycle in. Very often straight walking is quicker than the bus or you can do a combination of parking further from the office or getting off a few stops earlier on the train etc.

For people who are at home then you could do a walk around the park as your¬†“commute”. If you work from coffee shops then pick one a nice¬†distance away. Walk the kids to school and not drive them.

Your commute has great potential to influence your body. How could it help your goals?

Photo – No photo of the Lamborghini but here is a picture of my clients Rolls Royce for any car lovers (not me)


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