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3 low values that makes it difficult to get results

There are numerous different measures of “health”. These include the more common ones such as weight, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol as well as numerous biochemical tests such as homocysteine, cortisol and so forth. Here are three health measures that when they drop to low levels they produce many problems in the body.

Blood sugar –

When blood sugar levels are low the body has a hard time functioning optimally. Low blood sugar creates clouded thinking, causes sugar cravings and places a great hormonal stress on the system through engaging the adrenal glands. Low blood sugar compromises immunity making it more likely that the body will experience problems.

Blood sugar is a kind of print out of biochemical efficiency. Maintaining normal levels should not be a problem for the body except under more extreme circumstances, e.g. marathons, famine etc.  However, as the stresses of life take their toll on the body our ability to regulate blood sugar becomes more difficult.

Whatever your health and fitness goals it is very important to control blood sugar values and avoid suffering low periods for any prolonged periods of time. To do this artificially you can ensure you eat regularly and always eat using your ideal fuel mix. For long term improvements in blood sugar metabolism you need to look at your overall functioning. This will be improved by optimising biochemical balance within the various systems within the body.

Vitamin D –

Just like blood sugar it will be hard to tell if your levels are low as the symptoms may just be things you experience in everyday life. Vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight for short periods each day (10-60 minutes depending on skin tone). The problem we have is that in this day and age we rarely go out into the sun, nor do we expose our skin to it and for many of us the sun is too weak to provide vitamin D during our winter months.

When Vitamin D levels drop the overall functioning internally diminishes. We may not notice these effects as they appear in low energy, inability to lose body fat, weak immunity and so forth. Just like blood sugar low vitamin D levels simply make it harder for your body to be at its best.

Happiness –

You do not see many doctors taking Happiness measurements yet it is definitely one of the most important influences upon health. A happy mind gives a happy body. The mental stress that accompanies being unhappy can cause many health problems and conditions. Your emotions affect every part of your body. More so as they also link directly to how well you eat and how many “bad” foods you can avoid.

There are four types of happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, fulfillment and enlightenment. Pleasure is the shortest lasting of the happiness feelings and can come in many forms, e.g. going to the theatre, playing a game, exercise, sex, food, etc. Satisfaction is the feeling you get after doing a task or activity. This is a longer lasting feeling than pleasure. Fulfillment refers to the achievement of your goals within the various areas of your life. It exists at the same level as inspiration. Enlightenment is when you live in the moment free from past or present concerns while experiencing fulfillment in all areas of your life. This feeling is the same as unconditional love.

To increase happiness you should therefore start doing more pleasurable things, ideally those that do not involve behaviours which negatively affect your health and fitness, e.g. eating bad foods, drinking. You should also engage in more activities that bring satisfaction after doing them.

The big key for experiencing more happiness is following your inspiration. This allows you to live at the level of fulfillment. If everything you did in life inspired you then you would have very little room for feeling anything less than happy! Loving unconditionally will also further increase the good feelings within your life.

As well as trying to increase your happiness you can also help yourself by stopping doing behaviour that makes you feel unhappy. To feel bad about something you have to compare it to how it was before or compare it to how it should be. Without these comparisons it is very hard to feel bad about anything. 

For more information on happiness I would suggest you check out the website of Michael Neill – and/or buy his book Feel Happy Now.

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